2010 Venice Film Festival – Noomi Rapace In Elie Saab

Noomi Rapace has only had three red carpet appearances during the 2010 Venice Film Festival and it’s official.

I like her.

She warmed me up wearing Balmain, now she wearing Elie Saab.

The Elie Saab Fall 2010 collection was full of dark mysterious pieces, so I hope to see more gowns from this collection as we move towards the Fall season.

At the Lancia Cafe Noomi wore a very elegant Elie Saab Fall 2010 gown.

Her gown with a high split and lace top was worn sans bra on the runway, but Roomi wisely opted for a strapless bra which looks like it could be part of the dress.

I’m guessing the Swedish actress only packed one pair of shoes, because she’s wearing the same black pumps she wore to the “La Passione” Premiere

Not a way to stay in my good books Ms Rapace.

A black clutch and red lippie completed the look.

For last nights “Raavanan” Premiere, Roomi wore yet another Elie Saab Fall 2010 dress.

She looks radiant wearing a deep green fully embroidered gown with a keyhole and cut out detailing at the front and back.

I’m finding myself very impressed with Noomi’s style choices.

Are you?

Credit: Style.com & Image.net

23 thoughts on “2010 Venice Film Festival – Noomi Rapace In Elie Saab

  1. Ayesha

    great to see elie saab,i prefer the green gown but the black one is beautiful too,she’s looking good with the red lipstick.

  2. Marvel

    Prefer her second look as you cant really see the pumps but I cant help but be reminded of Scar Jo at the Tony’s

  3. Ally

    Anyone who picks an Elie Saab gown impresses me with their style choices. ;-)

    I really do love her in the green dress though. Especially since I prefer her hair/makeup in that look.

  4. f4fashion

    Noomi has worn my favorite designer not only once but twice and she has pull off these looks pretty well. What else can I ask for? I sure like her too and I like her bra choice in the black dress. Can’t wait to see Dita in some of the lacy mysterious pieces of the collection.

  5. mochababe73

    Not a fan of either dress. The first dress is very witchy/Elvira Mistress of the Dark. The second dress looks heavy, and there’s too much going on at the neckline. Sheer dresses are not my cup of tea either.
    However, I am a fan of clean styles so I guess that my comments can be taken with a grain of salt.

  6. Orchee

    I adore the green Saab. It would take some guts to wear this dress and she pulls it off effortlessly. Bravo to her.

  7. mol

    Yum, I love that green gown, and yes, I’m impressed with her style choices (as well as with her effortless beauty).

  8. Isabella

    so glad she’s getting your attention. she’s proof that you can be a petite swedish girl, and still pull off a dramatic gown. gives me hope:)

  9. Fiona

    Definitely the green one is my favourite, she pulled it off beautifully. Love the dark emerald sparkles. The black one marginally less – I know why shy wore the strapless black bra, and it wasn’t disastrous but it altered the look of the dress to a more standard sweetheart neckline and I preferred the patch pocket look, which was still covered up enough not to be to bare.

  10. Miss Jeanett

    Finally someone who spots Noomi! I’m not swedish (I’m danish), but I’ve noticed Noomi for a while now. She’s very pretty and has a great sense of style. Den deep green dress is absolutely breathtaking.

  11. Carole

    I LOVE Noomi in these styles but i prefer her in the Balmain. Noomi will be the new Hollywood it star, im sure of that. She has such grace and beauty!!
    Especially now when she has sharpen up her style!


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