2010 Emmy Awards – Christina Hendrick In Zac Posen

Va-Va-Voom Award
Christina Hendricks is nominated in the “Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” category at the 2010 Emmy Awards tonight.

She was true to form by showing of her enviable curves wearing a gorgeous Zac Posen Resort 2011 gown on the red carpet.

The low cut lavender gown was decorated with feathers on the sleeves and skirt of the gown which fluttered delicately in the wind.

I think this colour is much more flattering to her skin tone compared to the gown she wore to the Creative Arts Emmys last week.

A Judith Leiber clutch completed the look.

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  • Danielle

    I think that she should have removed the feathers from the top, but the color is beautiful and she gives the dress life

  • Marvel

    She has one of the best bodies and she really does dress for her body. I love the colour of the gown, the exposed cleavage and the detail on the bottom. What’s not to love?

  • Fiona

    She makes me think of Dolly Parton I’m afraid – squeezed into a tight bodice with feathers and ruffles. I don’t really get the appeal of Zac Posen lately, as soon as I saw her I guessed it was his design and sadly not in a good way. His designs often don’t flatter and are very costumey. Like the colour though.

  • mochababe73

    I don’t like the feathers. It takes a pretty gown in a pretty color to a nightgown look. She is a beautiful woman. I love that she’s voluptuous. But that dress reminds me of the Carol Burnett Show.

  • Deborah

    I love the color. But that´s it. She looks like a porn star. I hated the silhouette!!!WEIRD

  • robbie

    as beautiful as she is, and as gifted as she is in certain areas, her bust really does ruin some really beautiful dresses sometimes and this is one of these dresses that is ruined.

    • Deborah

      Yes, it ruins!!! I totally agree.

  • susan

    Yeah people don’t understand what it’s like to dress big boobies. There’s just no way to get them to look like they aren’t big. Especially in a gown. Might as well embrace it and go balls out like Christina! I love her red hair and pale skin. She’s so pretty!

  • JJovana

    Sometimes I wish she would be bit more classy. Every single time on the red carpet she does too much cleavage. Its become so predictable, Christina bursting out of her dress.

  • Pablo

    Love the colour, love the gown. Don’t love that her train looks like a horse stepped on it ten times!!

  • kiwi

    what a bosom!!!! The colour is lovely.. her figure is awesome.. but is just about Ok on her coz of the feathers ..

  • Alina

    I love everything about this look.She’s one of my favourites . Breathtaking!

  • “flattering” is exactly the right word. it’s not that she looks BAD in black (i mean, really, how could she?), but this soft tone really emphasizes everything we love about her.

  • Leo

    Love what it does to her body, she looks breathtaking. And the lavender is just incredible against her skin and her fiery hair.

  • Wow she looks beautiful. One of my faves.

  • Alicat

    Va va voom! If you’ve got it why not flaunt it? Gorgeous shade and compliments her hair and complexion.

  • june

    the purple is amazing on her. gorgeous

  • moja31

    she never gets it right on the red carpet in my opinion, but this is better than some of her past choices.

  • J

    I like the feather detail on the petite model, but on a beautifully curvy woman like Christina, the feather detail is too much and distracting – it draws away from the beauty of it… I think

  • This is absolute perfection. I remember thinking Natalie Portman would look perfect in this dress, but I can’t imagine anyone doing it better justice than Christina here. So so lovely!

  • danielezka

    beautiful gown, but i don’t think lavander looks good on redheads.

  • michelle

    stunning absolutely stunnig. the lavender really compliments her hair colour.

  • KateS

    LOVE the colour on her, good fit, she looks great. Yes, there’s lots of cleavage, but that’s just how her (amazing!) body is made – I think she’s working it.

  • pipsqueak

    I agree, FC, this color definitely suits her better than black. She looked beautiful. I also saw her and her husband on TV, like beauty and geek – totally adorable together!

  • Linda

    Ummm…WOW! She looks absolutely divine in that colour and cut!

  • Jen

    Low cut, but fits her! She looks fantastic.

  • Juliana

    I think she oozes sex appeal, but I also think her breasts look really weird. They looked even worse on the Creative Emmys, but I still find them unworthy of her.

    Gorgeous gown, by the way. She could’ve played it safe by wearing a green gown, but the lavender is a dream against her skin.

    • Fashion Critic

      They looked weird in a lot of pictures. Almost lopsided for some reason

      This was the best one

  • Amelia

    OMG. She looks perfect here, the best I’ve ever seen her by far… I wasn’t a fan of this dress on the runway but she amazingly brings it to life… well done, Christina

  • Laura

    Beautiful color. She looks good. A little too much cleavage, but it wouldn’t be Christina without cleavage.

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