BlackBerry Torch Launch Party – Anna Kendrick In Alice + Olivia

It’s not often we see Anna Kendrick in black, but she’s been trying to add some attitude to her looks recently.

I think after living in fairytale gowns during Awards Season, she’s deliberately opting for shorter sassy styles.

That was definitely the case that the “BlackBerry Torch Launch Party” last night.

Her Alice + Olivia LBD with leather shoulder pads was quite sheer because it exposed to her black bra.

I can’t say I’m excited about this look.

Some statement accessories would’ve made this look more interesting.

Black Botkier ‘Paige’ booties complete the look.

Credit: Byron Purvis/AdMedia

9 thoughts on “BlackBerry Torch Launch Party – Anna Kendrick In Alice + Olivia

  1. Brooke

    I do like the architecture of this look; great shoes. A colored bag would have been outstanding, though.

  2. Laura

    She looks like every other celeb her age. And I’m over the exposed bra. Not really a look I’ll remember.

  3. molly

    love the shoulders! I think she is one of the few people who can pull off the shoulder pads. Her shoes are always amazing. But, i dont like how you can see her bra. It looks tacky.

    1. Hannah

      Agree about the shoulder pads, she has really week shoulders, or bad posture, so they work for her. I also agree about the shoes, btu I kinda wish she had these shoes for the scott pilgrim vs. the world premiere, and vice versa, th ecolour could have been used here, and the black would have been better suited to her marchesa. I am too envious of her shoes! I also agree about the bra, but I guess it isn’t something you would notice, as it only happens with flash. I feel sorry for her about that.

  4. shruti

    I like this look on her. It’s something different for her and I think she looks great in black. The sheer top isn’t so great but apart from that it’s a win.

  5. MichelleTina

    I like the look! Would’ve preferred some color wih the shoes. Also there are a couple of pics of Anna inside the event with a hooded jacket on, which I think is cute for the occasion.


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