Olivia Palermo has been dubbed the ‘Queen of Street Style’ by ASOS magazine.

Whilst many of you will disagree with that statement, I’m sure – even secretly – you admire her style.

In her interview with Francesca Babb we discover that you shouldn’t believe everything you see on television – like I’ve said many times before – and on ‘The City’ there’s a dark side to her fashion dealings.

You can read her full interview at ASOS.com.

Below are a few extracts:

On the reputation The City has given her: “It’s unfortunate. But I think that people understand what they see on that show is not who I am. It’s not accurate. I’m funny. I’m enthusiastic and I’m not a negative person. I always try and look for the good in things.”

On her favorite place to people watch in NYC: “Bryant Park during Fashion Week is pretty entertaining. You should just walk around everywhere in the city, though – don’t focus on going to Times Square, don’t be such a tourist. Make sure you really get to see each neighborhood because then you’ll really know what it’s like.”

On wanting to travel: “I love New York but when you’re young you should live in different places. In five years I’d like to be living in London with my boyfriend Johannes (Huebl).”

The editorial was shot in New York by ASOS Magazine/photographer Teshand.

What’s rare about this editorial is that we can shop some of her looks right now, like the ASOS wide brim fedora she wears on the cover from ASOS US and ASOS International.

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To find out more about Olivia’s style, and what inspires her check out the behind the scenes interview below.

Credit: ASOS Magazine/photographer Teshand