FOX 2010 Summer TCA All-Star Party – Lea Michele In Giambattista Valli

I’m back to loving Lea Michele on the red carpet because she’s doesn’t appear to be trying so hard, and she’s lost the JLo sexy face which was starting to become really annoying.

At the FOX 2010 Summer TCA All-Star Party in LA yesterday, the ‘Glee’ actress looked really beautiful on the red carpet.

Her wavy hair still has those softy side swept bangs that I’m really starting to appreciated, but it was her dress which fell in love with.

Her gorgeous Giambattista Valli dress may have a Fall feeling with the green moss, but it suits her dark colour so perfectly.

The black sash gives her a tiny waist and shows off her svelte figure.

Are you in agreement that this look should be considered for BDOTW?

Credit: Fame Pictures

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21 Responses to FOX 2010 Summer TCA All-Star Party – Lea Michele In Giambattista Valli

  1. Alina August 3, 2010 at 13:08 #

    I absolutely agree. She looks stunning + I’m really starting to like her bangs.

  2. niya August 3, 2010 at 13:08 #

    She looks gorgeous! definately bdotw contender.
    You know, I think that J-lo face was probably something her stylist/manager/celebrity handbook told her to do and hopefully she saw those pictures for herself and realised she looked…kinda bad. Ah well I agree with you fc, I’m looking forward to seeing her on the carpet again! plus I covet her hair.

  3. ullis August 3, 2010 at 13:15 #

    gorgeous, and yes!!

  4. Anna August 3, 2010 at 13:25 #

    Definitely BDOTW worthy! I love this look, and especially that smile!

  5. CreoleLady August 3, 2010 at 13:29 #

    Lovely. Valli and Lea make a beautiful combination. And a belated welcome back to you, FC!

    • Fashion Critic August 3, 2010 at 13:39 #

      thank you 😀

  6. Ally August 3, 2010 at 13:44 #

    The dress is a little long on her, but that is an extremely minor complaint. Love this Lea Michelle so much more than the “Real Housewife” that was out and about earlier in the summer. Her smile could light up a room.

  7. Elise August 3, 2010 at 13:51 #

    I really love this look from head to toe, she looks perfect !

  8. mochababe73 August 3, 2010 at 13:59 #

    Lea Michelle looks great. I love the dress, the hair, the smile. This is the LM that everyone loves to see. I initially didn’t like the dress, but now, she is making me love it.

  9. Jennifer August 3, 2010 at 13:59 #

    In total agreement. She is glowing! Love the print, the colours are almost peacock-like, i love it.

  10. Juliet August 3, 2010 at 14:04 #

    This is surely a BDOTW contestant! I really like Lea and as you I’m glad she left behind the “I’m so sexy” face. She look a lot more confortable with that gorgeous smile! Plus I LOVE that dress,I WANT that dress!

    P.S. I really missed you, I hope you had a great time on your holiday!

  11. lisa August 3, 2010 at 16:53 #


  12. Elisa August 3, 2010 at 17:19 #

    I AGREE! Stunning!

  13. SparkleBebe54 August 3, 2010 at 18:06 #

    She has an amazing sense of style I love her look i just wish her hair wasn’t so messy.

  14. molly August 3, 2010 at 20:01 #

    I wasnt sure about it at first, but i really do love it now. Thank god she has her hair down because im really starting to hate the bangs.

  15. Jessica August 3, 2010 at 20:26 #

    She looks beautiful! *-* O love it.

  16. Leo August 3, 2010 at 20:43 #

    Simple and on point. The dress just fits her so well, and she lets it shine. Love it.

  17. Marvel August 4, 2010 at 00:00 #

    Im a huge fan of hers and Im glad she got rid of the ‘sexy’ look and is now going back to the cute, pretty dresses that made me fall in love with her in the first place. I would love this to be in BDOTW

  18. lukie August 4, 2010 at 04:04 #

    BDOTW for sure!!

  19. staramour August 4, 2010 at 04:52 #

    love it – i think will get my BDOTW vote!

  20. Ayesha August 4, 2010 at 05:05 #

    Completely deservers to be a BDOTW contender,loving this look from head to toe!

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