On The Gossip Girl Set With Leighton Meester In Gucci

Leighton Meester was also on the Gossip Girl set yesterday in New York City.

She was wearing a Gucci Pre-Fall 2010 dress, which I’m not particularly fond of which is strange considering my love for animal prints.

I don’t like the buckle on the front, nor do I like the colour on Leighton.

I also dislike it because it’s not a very Blair-esqe look.

For some reason the Gucci Pre-Fall 2010 collection doesn’t appear on, but you can see it on

I much preferred Leighton’s second look.

It’s much cutier and more like Blair.

The contrasting floral prints makes this look really interesting.

Her floral halter is from the Erdem Spring 2010 collection, which she pairs with an I HEART Ronson floral print skirt by Charlotte Ronson.

Electric blue bow front heels and a Nancy Gonzalez bag complete the look.

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Credit:, Fame Pictures & Bauer Griffin

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  • mochababe73

    On another site, this bag is described as the “Paris” from Luxury Accessories International. is the site. You have to drag the scroll bar at the bottom of the page to get to it.

  • ben

    I dont see the problem with the Gucci look. I actually really like it.

  • Francesca

    Can anyone ID at least something of Blair’s second look?

    • Fashion Critic

      Yes I’ve found out it was a Erdem halter and a I HEART Ronson floral print skirt by Charlotte Ronson

  • I beg to disagree- I think the Gucci look suits Leighton really well, much better than the model. And as Grace pointed out, while the colour is unusual for Blair, the style is definitely very Blair- classic and ‘chic prim’

  • Strangely enough I do love the first look. In fact, I love love love it! Agree with Sara that she looks much better in it than the model; and while the colour is unlike Blair, from what I remember of GG (I stopped watching it some time ago), the structured nature of the dress is very much like her.

  • sara

    i really like the gucci one. she looks much better in it than the model.

  • gossip_bangkok

    I love the second look!

  • HM

    My jaw literally dropped at the sight of the first look! I was like ‘HAS BLAIR LOST ALL HER MONEY & IS LOOKING FOR A JOB?’. Then I realized she was wearing Gucci. She does look sophisticated, but definitely not blair-esque.

    Prefer the second look much much more! Summery, fun & flirty…perfect!

  • Francesca

    Can anyone ID the shoes in second look? I just love both, but second one is amazing!

  • Liz Lemon

    Love everything!! Blair always has the best wardrobe!!

  • Loooooove the second look!

    But I also like the first one. It’s very classic chic.

  • I like the first dress, and I think it looks good on her. (Maybe since I have no idea who “Blair” is, I can be more objective.) I would love to try it myself.

  • Ghost-V

    Love the Gucci Look.. she looks great!!! kind of out of a character.. ja! but uber chic. And i don´t like animal print..

    The second look is very Blair..

  • Ev

    Although I love the Gucci look, I’d still prefer Leighton-Blair to wore different shoes. These ones look so plain and uninspiring.
    And her second look is just perfect, nothing to add.

  • mochababe73

    I agree that the Gucci dress is not very “Blair”. This is the type of garment that Leighton should be wearing. I love the dress better on her because of the fit. It’s too loose on the model.
    The second look is very pretty and safe like Blair. I love the handbag. Is that another Nancy Gonzalez? Usually I don’t like to mix prints, but this is a good mix.
    I have an umbrella like that, and I love it. Keeps the rain off, and you can see through it.

  • lisa

    For me, the 1st look doesn’t work because of the black accessories. That’s what isn’t very Blair about it. Far too safe. Love the 2nd one though.

  • T.

    That looks really beautiful! I like both, but the second look is more Blair.

  • Si

    I LOVE the second look so much!

  • Hermione Weasley

    The Gucci dress is just plain ugly, imo. I absolutely love the second look, though! All that blue is lovely *_*

  • mm

    I oh so love the second look.

  • I love the Gucci look, and I love that it’s not very Blair-esque, Second look is very cute but love the first look more.

    • seggie

      Love the Gucci look too, unpredictable, she looks so smart love it

      • mol

        Me too, it’s my favorite, interesting juxtaposition of shapes and textures in this outfit, although I don’t really like the shoes.

      • I’m with laveena and seggie here.. I dig the Gucci animal print.. although i do like the second look.. the first one is something different and newer for “Blair”.

  • Hisadora

    I don’t like too much the first look but the second I do. She looks really nice and I loved the mix of flowers 🙂

  • Hannah

    I much prefer Leighton’s second look too. I normally hate matchy-matchy butIthink it works here, on Blair’ as a character. LOVE the fact that the stylist has kept th elooks summery. SO refreshing with all th eespy red carpet’s black shoes!

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