“Inception” LA Premiere – Marion Cotillard In L’Wren Scott

Marion Cotillard made her 3rd appearance on the red carpet for her new movie “Inception” at the LA Premiere last night.

Of all her looks I think this is my favourite.

It’s sleek, clean, unfussy, modern and frankly unexpected.

It’s not Dior, it’s not cute and it appeals more to the edgier ‘pre-Dior’ style so many of you wish she’d return to.

I love her texture of her shimmering L’Wren Scott Fall 2009 sheath dress. It’s a classic L’Wren Scott style which flatters every figure.

I love that her midnight blue dress matches Leonardo DiCaprio Giorgio Armani suit.

Dior heels, a slick bun and flawless make-up complete the look.

Which would you prefer to see in the BDOTW poll?

This look or the Dior Paris Premiere look?

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Credit:, Fame Pictures & Getty

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  • sara

    this one for bdotw. although i like the dior dress better, i think she looks much bettter here. some red lipstick would’ve worked wonders.

  • Lalitha

    The dress is kind of meh.

  • whitestroke

    This is B.O.R.I.N.G.

    I seriously don’t get these stars. So many women would KILL to be in their position, to promote movies and have a chance to wear anything from high fashion they want to, work with best hair & makeup artists, etc. Yet most of the time they look like they just can’t be bothered, put the first thing on, and I seriously don’t remember the last time I saw some inventive hair & makeup on the red carpet. Why should that be for models in fashion magazines only? I promise if I ever end up on the red carpet I’ll never wear a boring piece in my life, and I’mma rock that huge afro wig from the Louis Vuitton Spring show.

  • mari

    who’s worn this before? I recall someone weqring this not long ago…
    she looks very pretty. Simple but classy.

  • P.

    Gosh, I much prefer the Dior look.
    She looks good in this interesting L’Wren Scott dress, but the overall look is very boring. I think if she had wore better shoes, maybe would not be so boring. Nevertheless, Dior’s look is much more interesting and enjoyable to look, despite being a Dior dress.

  • mochababe73

    I say the Dior dress. At least that one is interesting to look at. This dress is a snooze. It would be nothing without the fabric. And the length cuts her off. It’s just below the knee on the model.

  • ben

    cant youput them both into the BDOTW poll? because i cant decide. i love them both. i love her.

  • Laura

    Dior for sure. It was far more interesting, and even though it was Dior, unexpected. This is a typical L’Wren dress. I’ve seen 20 versions of this look on everyone from Penelope to Sandra to Nicole to many others. And the black heels aren’t interesting. In one word, YAWN.

  • S-tyle

    She looks stunning – simple and elegant – Love the fabric of that dress ; it really looks gorgeous on her.

  • seggie

    Definitely this look for BDOTW, she looks phenomenal!!

  • I think I prefer the Dior look. I think the dress is more flattering on her and definitely a whole lot more chic than this look. This is so Nicole Kidman I can’t even believe she wore it. If it has been a lighter color, maybe we could talk, but it’s soooo .. winter-y? We’re in the god damn middle of July.

  • Mol

    I say this one cause she actually made Leo smile for the first time (4th detail pix) – she looks way hot, and for me that beats out cute (the Dior look) any day. I also have to emphasize that the fit here is perfection (no squashed boobs etc) and so often this is not the case when dresses like this are worn.

  • Amelia

    Dior, no doubt. This is something we’ve seen a hundred times before.

  • I prefer by far the Dior Paris Premiere look.

    This dress is very elegant and all but it’s a bit boring, no?

  • I prefer the previous look.
    And in the final picture of her and Leo, I totally thought she had some weird headpiece on.

  • Elena

    Dior all the way, this one is just boooring

  • Lyly

    I prefer this one.
    It’s so out of her zone, it’s a great change, plus I like her hair in this one.

  • Ev

    Totally LOVE IT! And absolutely prefer it to Dior look for BDOTW.

  • Ally

    Can we start the phrase “that’s so NEXT season.” I’m so tired of celebrities who have access to tons of dresses pulling fall/winder looks in summer/spring and vice versa. She does look great, but she would look better if she had saved this one for September.

    • dressaddict

      I thought I was the only one who couldn’t understand this trend. But I guess it all comes down to the exclusivity part, it’s like a “who gets it first” competition.

  • Hermione Weasley

    I much prefer this look to the Paris one 😉

  • moja31

    this woman is simply perfection.

  • Kiwi

    This one, its far ahead of the others.. so nice to see her in something other than Dior

  • chrystelle

    she has copied the runway look (except for the colour of the dress) down to the hair. Since when is Marion this uncreative and bland?
    i know i will be alone in this but i don’t think anything she has worn so far to promote her new movie is BDOTW worthy.

    • Marvel

      Completely agree

      • mm

        I also agree! When i see L’wren scott sadly i already know i am not going to love it.

  • dressaddict

    Dior, for sure, this is boooooring, nothing to get excited about, maybe a little for the fabric of the dress. I cannot deny, although, the fact that she looks good.

    • chryssa

      i couldn’t have said it better…

      • Rashmi

        Agree..Dior for BDOTW

  • Kaz

    She looks fab! I prefer this one for BDOTW. Glowing.

    The fabric is so unusual…. some kind of coated material?

    Love the fourth pic because it looks like she has a cute blue halo. Very appropriate for Bastille Day! 🙂

  • perosnally i prefer her in dior for BDOTW

  • Marvel

    I wouldnt want to see any of her looks in the BDOTW poll.
    Yet another black dress in summer, plus havent we seen this dress twice on the red carpet?
    The look is alright but so very boring and very un-original. The carpet is black ans she just fades into it.
    She has not ‘wowed’ my in recent times and to me she has lost ‘it’.

  • ben

    i cant decide. i love them both.

    • I’m right with you! They are both so gorgeous in their own ways.

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