On Friday we spotted Nicole Scherzinger wearing a slate grey Victoria Beckham dress to the X Factor Manchester auditions.

The Pussycat Doll singer obviously loves the VB Spring 2010 collection because she picked yet another well worn dress for the auditions on Saturday.

This dress was first worn by Blake Lively back in October last year, and has since been worn by Yvonne Keating, Danielle Lineker, Jennifer Hudson, America Ferrera as Betty Suarez and of course Victoria herself.

I much preferred Friday’s dress as I’m not liking the long sleeves on what was quite possibly the hottest day of the century in the UK on Saturday.

This look says to me that Nicole doesn’t have her own fashion identity because she’s simply picking well worn pieces to be compared to others rather than making a her own fashion choices.

Sorry, but this just bores me.

Credit: Style.com & INFPhoto