Whilst stepping out in New York this weekend Sarah Jessica Parker was greeted by two young fans on her way to a waiting car.

With her hair in a tight bun SJP wore a gorgeous Stella McCartney Spring 2010 floral print dress.

My first reaction was to really dislike this look, but once I put my finger on the two elements I disliked, I decided it wasn’t all bad.

Firstly I really dislike her Charlotte Olympia pumps.

I don’t mind the colour, but something less heavy would’ve been preferred for a light summery dress.

I also think she over accessorized.

The necklace, the earrings, the ring and the stack of bracelets are all too much.

I do however like the gold belt.

There’s no way SJP could’ve worn this dress without a belt. With her tiny frame her dress would’ve looked like a tent without it.

What surprised me about this look is how the dress isn’t dragging on the floor as SJP is only 5ft 4in.

Do you love or hate this look?

Credit: Style.com & Rex