The “Knight And Day” promotional tour continues.

This time Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have moved on to Mexico after visiting Brazil the night before.

Do you remember that episode in SATC when Carrie’s smoking and a guy turns to her and says “this floor is non smoking” to which she replies “I have an addiction sir”, well Cameron has an addiction…to Victoria Beckham’s dresses.

Not a bad addiction to have I might add. I wish I could afford have this kind of addiction.

This is the third time the actress has opted to wear a VB look this year following her Vanity Fair Oscar party dress and the dress she wore on Jay Leno’s show recently.

On this occasion she wore a Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 dress.

Her ash coloured drape fitted dress has a graphite gloss finish which shows up more on the runway version.

This look makes me ache. From head-to-toe she is total perfection.

It’s a 100% improvement on her previous look in Brazil and definitely in contention for BDOTW.


Credit: & Wireimage