The 2010 World Cup kicks off today in Johannesburg with host South Africa playing Mexico.

As a huge football fan I’m really excited that I will get to watch 3 matches a day for the next couple of weeks.

Whilst I’m excited, I’m also sadden because the English WAGs have been given red card by manager Fabio Capello.

They have been banned from staying at the players hotels after their antics at the 2006 World Cup, and as a result high profile WAGs such as Coleen Rooney and Alex Curran have said they will stay at home.

Oh how I will miss the WAGS changing at least 5 times a day knowing the paparazzi are following their every move.

This would’ve been their chance to step out of Victoria Beckham’s Queen WAG shadow as she is staying at home despite David being in South Africa as the official England mascot.

I bet Alex Curran will be devastated not to share her Balmain bikinis with the world.