One of Taylor Momsen’s first red carpet appearances was back in 2007, before she landed her role as Jenny Humphrey in “Gossip Girl”.

Back then she was promoting her film “Paranoid Park” at Cannes Film Festival wearing sparkling ballet flats, jeans and a white top.

By the time she started “Gossip Girl”, she was a typical teen wearing pink cute dresses, whilst her make-up was kept light and fresh.

By 2008 Taylor had cut-off her girlie locks and wore more make-up.  She also developed more of an attitude on the red carpet.

Her style had become a touch sassier as she opted for shorter styles, tight bustier dresses and leather jackets to toughen up her look.

At this point we were noting that she was becoming a mini Debbie Harry.

By 2009 we’d given her make-up its own name – raccoon.

Because that’s what she looked like each time she hit the red carpet.

At this point she appeared to constantly be in character, not knowing were Jenny Humphrey ended and were Taylor Momsen began.

Mini Debbie Harry had become full on Courtney Love with tacky extensions, swearing on British television, ripped stockings, outerwear as underwear and waaaayyy too much boobage for a 16 year old.

The shocking thing is she’s still only 16, yet she dresses way too old for her age.

I’m glad Taylor Swift – who is 4 years older than Momsen – is in no hurry to age so badly.

Credit: London Features