No one should be surprised by my best dressed list.

I’m sucker for old Hollywood, ball gowns, embellishments, women who walk the red carpet with bags of confidence and women who like to play dress up.

These girls got the memo and they brought the drama.

Maybe I have a thing against purple, but these were my least favourite looks from last night.

From the tights, to the gloves, to the make up to the hideous gown.  None of these look registered more than a 3 out of 10.

I was sad not to see Leighton Meester walk the red carpet, although she was spotted arriving late.

Lady Gaga would have been interesting to see in Prada, but that she pulled out of walking the red carpet.

But I’m most disappointed Victoria Beckham didn’t attend. She was spotted arriving at Heathrow this morning.

Valentino and Burberry had a successful night dressing many stars, but I was desperately missing Elie Saab.

Hopefully all the best gowns have been saved for Cannes Film Festival.

Thanks for all your comments and kind words about the Met Gala coverage and sorry the site ran slow at several points today x

Credit: Getty