Kristen Bell was one of the many guests invited to Chanel’s 5th Annual Tribeca Film Festival Dinner.

She was of course wearing Chanel.

There is something about this 50s-inspired dress which makes me think of Blair Waldorf.

It’s not an edgy black, nor a sexy black dress, but sweet LBD.

Almost a bit too sweet, especially as she’s playfully holding her skirt in a “look at me mummy” kinda way.

I think an updo or a ponytail would have added something to this look, because Kristen isn’t really saying much in this dress despite the modified skirt and lined blouse.

She kinda looks the same as always.

I do like the ankle Chanel strap heels, the cuff bracelet and the clutch, but I just feel like something is missing.

Credit: & Getty