I love Chery Cole. You guys know that.

I’ve been guilty of going overboard with my affections for her, but I’m surprised that she was crowned Best Dressed Of The Year by UK Glamour Magazine.

I don’t read Glamour magazine so I took no part in the readers poll, but I wonder who did.

If the readers based their vote on last years X Factor, then surely it should be Dannii Minogue who should be top of this poll.

The top 10 read like this.

1. Cheryl Cole
2. Rihanna
3. Blake Lively
4. Leighton Meester
5. Alexa Chung
6. Dannii Minogue
7. Kate Moss
8. Victoria Beckham
9. Beyonce Knowles
10. Emma Watson

Diane Kruger was at 14 and Zoe Salanda was at 39.

Very bizarre poll, but I’m sure Cheryl’s 3 stylists will be pleased.

You can view the Top 50 here.

Credit: Bauer Griffin