Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2010 Presentation At Tsum Boutique

When meeting the press at the Tsum boutique in Russia recently Victoria Beckham wore a black shirt dress from her Fall 2010 collection.

Inside she changed into this black strapless dress with a voluminous skirt.

I must say this is the least favourite of all the looks VB has worn from her collection.

I really dislike the bodice. It looks poorly constructed and dare I say cheap. Plus this dress doesn’t have the wow factor I normally get from VB dresses.

Many women at the event wore Victoria Beckham dresses, along with some Dior and Lanvin.

The group included magazine editors, VIP TSUM clients and celebrities from Russia including Dasha Zhukova whose wearing Christian Louboutin Pique 140 sandals.

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15 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2010 Presentation At Tsum Boutique

  1. Dorian Gray

    Yes FC, it has not the Wow factor but according to me it’s however a cute dress, it would have worked better in another colour.

  2. Jessica

    You can see Victoria herself in the front row with the microphone talking about the collection as it walks by. Also, she is wearing Brian Atwood Maniac pumps. It looks as though all the models are wearing Maniac pumps as well. VB first used Louboutins in her presentations, then YSL Trib Too’s, and now it looks as she favours Maniacs! Great post!

  3. federica

    I think her dress is fine! I mean, not the best of her collection, sure, but I love the colour and the soft skirt in contrast with the bodice which seems to be more structured. I really like it.

  4. Marvel

    That cobalt blue dress in the last pic is STUNNING!!

    Oh and why must VB pose like someone is grappling her right leg??

  5. wilwarin

    i’m getting tired of VB dresses… everyone is wearing them and it seems liek they are popping out on every corner… i like the collection though it’s nice but wow,…

  6. M

    oops… i actually quite like it… it may not have the wow factor but she still looks gd in it.. but who m i to say.. every1 of us is entitled to our own opinions… this is jus my own personal opninion.. no offence any1..

  7. JoltOfDavid

    Sorry, can’t agree on this one. The dress is completely fine, and Vic looks fine in it, too.

  8. mol

    I love the way this dress is cut under the armpit, which gives it a subtle edge over other dresses out there with a similiar look

    1. Linda

      Yeah, it’s nice. I noticed that detail too. Looks very similar to all her other dresses. The skirt is nice too.

  9. The One

    wow she was made InStyle’s look of the day 2 frikkin times in a row, wow, i dont think thats a feat any celebrity has ever achieved – she looks great and all the time she was in Moscow, i loved her so much glad instyle noticed.


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