Victoria Beckham was the first to wear this colourful Julian J Smith Spring 2010 dress when she headed out to dinner with her boys in Beverly Hills late last year.

It was at a time when VB sported a curly bob and when she was still obsessed with Trib Two’s.

Olivia Palemro wore the same dress recently when she attended the Roberta Freymann Boutique in New York, where she presented her first capsule jewelery collection in collaboration with Roberta Freymann.

I usually really love Olivia’s style, but there is too much going on her for my liking, and I’m a lover of embellished pieces.

To show off a necklace collection I would’ve worn a solid colour.

At present everything is clashing with Olivia’s look. I can’t focus on one piece for too long.

To make the dress work Olivia should’ve lost the embellished Topshop jacket, the tights and the necklace, but that would’ve defeated the purpose so Victoria wins for me.

Credit: Vogue, Bauer Griffin & Rex