“Dear John” London Premiere – Amanda Seyfried In Doo.Ri

Amanda Seyfried braved the rain in London last night to attend the premiere of her new movie “Dear John”.

I feel sorry for these poor actresses who have to brave our horrible weather, but it didn’t see to phase Amanda who walked the red carpet sans tights wearing a cute Doo.Ri Fall 2010 mini dress.

The magpie in me is happy she wore this dress which has sequins decorating the front.

It’s a very sexy dress, but not overtly so on Amanda who flashes us a sweet but knowing smile.

I love everything about this look from the Pierre Hardy heels, to her bouncy blonde curls to those bold red lips.

[nggallery id=405]

Credit: Style.com, London Features, Zuma & INFDaily

20 thoughts on ““Dear John” London Premiere – Amanda Seyfried In Doo.Ri

  1. lily

    Amazing outfit- and I think I need these heels in my life. :)
    So- I might be a little biased as I simply love this girl, but for me she’s a worthy BDOTW-contender. Y/N?

  2. Erini

    Not related to the picture, but I was happy to see that you were interviewed on fashionismo! I read about that blog some time ago here CK. Also included are some pics, I was so proud, sounds silly but your blog is my daily fix for fashion updates!

  3. pipsqueak

    Isn’t this a BDOTW contender? I love the look very much. And I’m excited that she picked a less known designer – Doo.Ri – fantastic!

  4. Bárbara

    I think Amanda looks stunning in that dress….And I love everything about this look, her hair, her lipstick, the shoe choice….
    BDOTW worty, for sure!!

  5. Jarrold

    Amanda is easily becoming one of my red carpet favorites, she is so pretty and wears clothes great. You can tell she knows she looks good and the best thing about her face is that makeup looks awesome on her.

  6. bettybrandenburg

    She looks great but HE needs to at least get his suit pressed if not find a different tailor!

  7. anna

    I love the shoes with that dress. Definitely BDOTW worthy in my book, and not just because I have been cheerleading for Doo.Ri for several seasons!

  8. chrystelle

    i just drop by to ask you FC if the word she got tatooed on her foot means exactly what i think it means.if so, then she will become a fav of mine. i love chicks that don’t take themselmes seriously! and i love british slang.you guys over there are geniuses

  9. whitestroke

    I don’t see anything wrong with the look, but not too exciting either. I’ve been looking at her pics from last year. She’s significantly thinner these days, and she was thin to begin with. :/

    Is it just me or it was a very weak week? Not too many BDOTW contenders. At least in my opinion.


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