American Vogue March 2010 Bloggers Shoot

Back in November I received an email from Mark Holgate. The subject read, “American Vogue March 2010.” I nearly fell off my chair.

Mark asked me if I would be interested in participating in a fashion bloggers story the magazine was going to feature in it’s March 2010 ‘Power Issue’.

I was shocked that I was even on American Vogue’s radar, but incredibly honoured to be asked.

A few days before the shoot, I joking prayed that I was get a flu bug like Emily Blunt’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada”.

My mother always said be careful what you wish for, because 2 days before the shoot I got food poisoning and was so ill I couldn’t get out of bed.

I dragged myself out of bed 2 days later and finally made it to New York still quite ill, but determined not to miss this shoot.

All the bloggers who were invited to participate in the shoot met in the lobby of the Conde Nast building before we headed to the Bronx for the photo-shoot.

The bloggers included Bryanboy, Tommy Ton of Jak & Jill, Todd Selby of The Selby, Yvan Rodic of Facehunter, Garance Dore, Hanneli Mustaparta, Mary Tomer of Mrs O and Michelle Phan who has an amazing beauty tutorial YouTube page.

After being briefed about our shoot, we all went into hair and make-up.

The first dress I was given was a tan and beige Escada dress, but half way through the shoot, the stylist Kathryn Neale changed her mind about my look, and I was given a Akris Spring 2010 mint green dress which I instantly fell in love with.

Not thinking and still being hazing from being so ill, I pulled on my dress forgetting that the make-up artist had covered my legs in make-up.

I was horrified that I’d covered the dress in brown make-up, but the stylists wasn’t as worried. I did an Angelina by wearing the dress back-to-front and I continued with the shoot.

The next day I did another photo shoot. This time I was on my own. I tried on 3 looks. The one that made it onto page 518 of the magazine was me wearing a fuschia pink Juan Carlos Obando gown.

I met some really lovely people on the shoot, who I bumped into many times at New York, Milan and Paris Fashion week.

I feel very honoured to be part of the shoot. Not only was it amazing thing for us 9 bloggers, but also for fashion bloggers everywhere as it proves that we are being taken seriously as a new and exciting way of delivering fashion to readers like yourself.

[nggallery id=362]

Here are behind the scenes pictures taken by Bryan Boy.

Credit: Vogue

89 thoughts on “American Vogue March 2010 Bloggers Shoot

  1. Jen

    Congrats Catherine! You looked stunning in the dress, i really liked the one of you in bryanboys behind the scene shot too :)

    I’ve been reading your blog for at least 2 years now and i’m so happy for you. I love that you blog in an unpretentious passionate and honest manner about high fashion, offering positive criticism of celebs instead of the usual nasty bodysnarking that comes with other blogs. I’ve learnt so much from you fashion wise too, so i hope (and think) things are going to get even more massive for you in 2010. I’m really happy that the huge risk you took of going full time with RCFA is starting to pay off. xx

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      It was a huge risk, but since I went full time nothing but great things have happened, which to me shows it was meant to be :)

  2. Stuti

    THIS is how you look when you are ill?
    When you posted saying you are down with food poisoning, I was worried FC! Apparently, I shouldn’t have been. :P
    Kidding, you look seriously great!
    And my my my, stunning gown. :)

  3. mm

    Honestly the March 2010 issue is one of the best in content I have read in a long time from Vogue. It is extra special because you were featured in it. I love your cite so this issue made it to my book shelf.

    I would’ve went crazy trying on all those shoes.

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      Thanks MM:)

      I only just looked through the whole magazine last week and I’ve had it about 3 weeks. I was obsessed with my page :)

  4. robbie

    you look absolutely beautiful! just wow and well done to all this success. love the escada dress it is gorgeous, but the mint dress looks amazing on you.

    a little shoe question, that shos are you wearing that the escada dress?

    i have got to find that issue on ebay!

    1. robbie

      i just remembered michelle phan is the girl who did the youtube video about putting ice packs in shoes to stretch them out. she is a legend!

  5. Jasmine

    congratulations! is there any way you could put up a link to pg 518? for those of us who can’t access US Vogue? would love to see you in fuchsia…

  6. Mariana

    I was waiting for you side of the story since I saw the magazine! I’m so happy for you!!! You deserve all the credit!!

  7. f4fashion

    congrats FC I’m so happy for you. By the way, the Akris dress looks amazing on, it shows how statuesque you are. let’s not start talking about the shoes…

  8. wilwarin

    you look amazing and congrats once again, i thik you totally deserved it :) and you are definitely my favourite fashion blogger :)

  9. FF

    Congratulations! I actually think this site has become invaluable for a lot of people. It’s good that it and your work have been recognised – and so highly.

  10. nicole

    so exciting!! you look amazing!! what a dream !
    it definitely does say something about the legitimacy of fashion blogs in todays world i think they are here to stay and makes fashion so much more accessible to the regular folk.
    great job! congrats again!

  11. Jeremy

    Oh my God. I read the piece and you were outstanding in it. And damn, you have good legs (I didn’t know you like Tom Binns too).

    PS: that geeky Todd Selby is absolutely adorable.

  12. ThatGirl39

    Fantastic and well deserved! You look absolutely stunning – it must have been an amazing experience! And I too can’t take my eyes off those shoes! x

  13. Anna

    Huge congrats but you do deserve it! I’ve told everyone about this blog and I echo Jen earlier, I love that you’re only ever critical about clothes and styling and not about the way people look. Definitely refreshing in this day and age. And of course you give great advice to the stars! Is styling next for you? :)

  14. Laura

    The choice of blousson was great for you. It places an emphasis on your height and great figure. And it was styled beautifully.

    Congrats. You really deserve this. And keep up the great blogging!

  15. Bubumatic!

    Hey FC!!!
    I meant to write u yesterday but I got way too busy.. but this post is perfect for my krazy story about this month’s VOGUE issue;
    About 2 weeks ago I was in the Max Azria store shopping for potential bridesmaids dresses for my sister and ended up shoe shopping.. while waiting for the sales girl to bring me a pair of shoes in my size, I picked up the IN STYLE mag (the one with Anne Hathaway).. the other magazine fell to the floor and the page opened to this gorgeous woman in Fuschia.. I started to curse her out for having ridiculously endless legs as I picked it up.. Imagine my suprise when I discovered that the long legged babe clad in fuschia was YOOUUU!!
    So the girl and my shoes show up just when I’m sinking into the article.. I quickly try on the shoes so I can finish my article.. I was gone for maybe 2 seconds.. I get back to the couch an this bored dude is browsing thru.. of AALLL magazines the VOGUE one.. probably hoping to spot a few models in bikinis.. *MY WIRES! This dude wasn’t even trying to do the quick browse.. he was taking his sweet time.. Aaarrrgh! Anyhoo, Instead of buying the shoes (I blame you for that btw) I ran to COLES bookstore b4 they closed and I begged, I threatened, pouted, offered to pay double the price of the magazine until they gave me the March issue b4 they put it on the stands..
    CONGRATS GIRL :) :) :)

    Sorry for the essay.. :)

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      That is such a great story. :D

      My fave pick is the fuchsia dress

      I hope you go back to buy the shoes ;)

  16. julie

    I’m so, so glad for you!!!!!!Yours and Garance Dore’s are my favourite blogs, I couldn’t believe it when I saw you together :-)fashion magazines are a universe of fantasy and industry, since blogs are getting stronger I feel like all that fantasy trully interacts with the rest of us.
    You look stunnig, an total red carpet lady!

  17. ImanLover

    Wowza…you look just wow!!!
    This is really great…I’ve been logging onto RCFA for a year now and everyday I find your opinions enlightening…

  18. shubby doo

    You look so statuesque…love it…so glad the bad food bug didn’t keep you down…everybody needs to know about the good work that you guys do…I sing your praises to everybody with a fashion pulse that’ll listen…love the site…cos it absolutely fabulous darling!!!

  19. Sue Jin

    Congratulations!!! I hope we get to congratulate you and all these other wonderful bloggers more in the future!

    That Akris dress is heavenly! Simple and gorgeous!
    The two photos of the heels made me stop and stare for soo long. I would love to have all of them!

  20. Courteney

    congrats!!! I love your blog! You have educated me so much about fashion and have challenged me to look at trends differently. I love this site! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Courteney

    congrats!!! I love your blog! You have educated me so much about fashion and have challenged me to look at trends differently. I love this site! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!!!!

  22. candice

    GIRL, CONGRATULATIONS!! u soooo deserve it!! thanks for representing fashion bloggers all over. u are one of the hardest working bloggers i know. u update constantly.

    keep up the great work!! i have this magazine at home, and it was great fun seeing ur style picks in the article



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