Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Fall 2010

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s Fall 2010 “Paris by Knight” presentation was a colourful affair.

The Moroccan-born French based designer is known for his imaginative pieces and strong graphic prints which were presented with a JC/DC twist.

The twist were the playful antelopes horns and bunny rabbits helmets worn by the models.

I loved the Bambi prints. Who knew the old girl was such a diva.

The prints were on leather, sequined and silk dress, plus a short suit. JC/DC also presented cute Bambi shoes.

The casual pieces were based around a dark colour palette injected with stand-out greens, purples, yellows and reds. I loved the yellow knicker bocker pants.

I can’t wait to see Beth Ditto wearing the sequined dress with her face emblazoned on the front.

Here’s the finale. I felt sorry for the poor male model who had to walk with a dog. The dog literally dragged him all over the runway during the show, much to our amusement.

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10 thoughts on “Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Fall 2010

  1. mochababe73

    It’s a joke. This collection looks like it’s for a Disney Clothing store. I agree that this would look good on a six year old. What WOMAN would wear this other than GaGa.

      1. mochababe73

        I have a sense of fun. I don’t need to lighten up. There’s a difference between having fun and dressing in like a child.
        Is there a reason why you singled me out because I am not the only one that commented on the fact that these garments look cartoon like?

  2. Allyson

    I could see some women in my small rural town wearing the camo Bambi outfits… to Walmart.


  3. Sharon

    I don’t care much for this collection. The colors catch my eye, but then it just looks like a comic book on legs.

  4. FashionRookie

    Its fun… Its cute.. Why shouldn’t fashion be child-like? Its about breaking the boundaries right.. Who said everyone has to be buisnesslike in chanel suits 24/7


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