Runway To 2010 Vanity Fair Party – Hilary Swank In Armani Privé

Hilary Swank dropped jaws all over the Vanity Fair red carpet on Sunday night.

I often forget how amazing Hilary’s body is, but every now and then she wears a show-stopping dress like this just to remind us.

“Millon Dollar Baby” seems like a lifetime ago, but Hilary’s super toned body looks spectacular in this Armani Privé Fall 2009 dress.

The black gown had a chain metal Swarovski beaded plunging bodice with a black asymmetrical satin skirt with a white lining.

Her amazing look was paired with Jimmy Choo ‘Emerald’ jeweled platform sandals, a Roger Vivier clutch and a Van Cleef & Arpels jewels.

My only problem the hair.  It’s too poufy for such a sleek look.

You may remember that Shermine Sharivar wore the runway version to the Bambi Awards last year.  I think Shermaine worked this look better.

Credit: & London Features

17 thoughts on “Runway To 2010 Vanity Fair Party – Hilary Swank In Armani Privé

  1. mm

    Wow! Okay, go Hilary. I think she was going for the soft wavy look with the hair as Shermine went to for a soft wave. Hilary looks fabulous, i am not feeling the shoe choice a bit distracting.

  2. lance

    Yesss… I’ve been waiting for you to post this look FC. One of my favorites of the Oscar parties. Her body looks unreal. I love the plunging neckline and layered skirt. STUNNING!

  3. army67


    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      google translate

      THE BEST AS ALWAYS: SEXY AND FACING Fearless: With a dress like that ‘are also worth getting on STAGE

  4. Lindsey

    she looks great, but it reminds me of the jenny packham dress vanessa hudgens wore that night. it’s got the plunching neck line and it’s black and sexy

  5. Lou

    Think hilary’s bod is to die for, but I don’t like the dress on her – it’s fine from the waist down – gorgeous… but the top half doesn’t work for me at all. Her dress and Emma Roberts would have worked better with less split and reveal…. for me!!

  6. ThatGirl39

    Hhmm… not a favourite I have to say. She has the most amazing figure but there’s just a little too much boobage for my liking. Maybe it’s because Im a mother!

  7. Letícia

    I also thought Shermine wore it better, maybe because of the length, maybe because of the hair, but mostly because I like the runway version a lot more! Hilary’s version doesn’t seem like a dress to me, it seems like a top and a skirt. And I’m not feeling the shoe either. But she does look fantastic anyhow.

  8. mochababe73

    I always find Hilary Swank a bit boring. This dress is beautiful and her body looks great in it. I just don’t know why I don’t like her in this dress.

  9. shubby doo

    i love this dress on her…i prefer this version compared with shermine…i have to admit that the hair and shoes are off but what a body!!!… a far cry from ‘million dollar baby’ and ‘boys dont cry’…

  10. nicky

    hilary does look good but i always think there’s soemthing a bit boring about her. her choices arent boring but something is about her personality. shermine looked better imo…loved the blue instead of the black and she just looked more glamorous

  11. Lizzie

    As I said before in a previous post, this dress made a lot of “worst dressed” lists and I can understand why. Much too much flesh on show.

    Mariah Carey got slated too for a similar reason.

    I’m guessing she thought it would be a sexy look but she just looks trampy.

  12. Jo

    I love this – she looks sensational! Not sure if you’ve seen it from the back (it was on the Daily Mail) but super low and shows off her incredible figure.


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