Runway To 2010 Oscars – Charlize Theron In Christian Dior

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I waited for a while to post Charlize Theron’s red carpet look at the 2010 Oscars in the hope it would grown on me, but unfortunately it didn’t.

I love the silhouette of her Christian Dior Spring 2010 Couture costume-made gown, but I didn’t like the two-tone pink.

The darker pink all over would’ve worked better for me.

The actress paired her gown with a matching Dior clutch and stunning jewels.

Credit: Catwalking & London Feature

28 thoughts on “Runway To 2010 Oscars – Charlize Theron In Christian Dior

  1. mm

    Charlize is one of my style icons. So disappointed. The only thing i love is the color and her clutch. Jay manuel on E! made a good point, the ruching around her breast keeps people looking at her breast and not her face. It’s like two bull eyes on her chest.

  2. Teresa

    I agree with you, I hate the two tones of pink and I would have also liked to see a bow at the back like the runway version

  3. gaga

    same here fc…i was hoping to like it because i love charlize and her red carpet looks but this one was sadly a no liker. although her face looked stunning

  4. Jerry

    I just don’t understand of the many amazing design from this collection why was this chosen to be worn.

  5. Vera

    For the last years there are widly spoken that Lanvin’ Alber Elbaz has to replace Karl Lagefeld at Chanel.

    Meanwhile Karl does not always wows me, he very well suites Chanel. – I’m sorry, but John Galliano at Dior IS the one to be replaced by Alber.

    I hate this look, the dress looks cheap, it does not do ANY justice to Charlize.


  6. Sharon

    I didn’t see her until she started walking down the stairs on stage. Unfortunately the trim on her breasts reflected the light more than the rest of the dress, and she really did look like she had two bullseye targets on her chest. Really too bad..

    1. Leo

      It looks so much like two bullseye, it makes you stare in that direction and gets hard to focus on the rest.

      I tried to like this, I really did, but I could not.

  7. La Divina

    The Gown is to similar than other design by Valentino years ago, and wore by Penélope at David Donatello Awards, ir Rome (2004).

    In my opinios it´s a great frok, but very very Valentino,isn´t it?

    1. Linda

      I love this too. One of my best dressed. The colours are stunning, the gown is original, and the red lips are amazing with the dress. She looks absolutely beautiful. I don’t always have such a positive reaction to her, but this is the exception.

  8. Becky

    I just don’t understand why she would want to wear THAT to the oscars. Maybe she thought the boob roses were “edgy” but it just comes off as obnoxious at the oscars. Maybe if she really wanted to wear that dress, she should have chosen an event besides the oscars.

  9. nicky

    didnt like a single thing which is disappointing coz charlize always delivers. the colour of the dress is eurgh and the dress as a whole looked cheap

  10. LeeAnn

    She was absolutely stunning/flawless at the DIOR RTW show in Paris but this dress makes her look chunky and pregnant. She looks like a macaroon.

    1. mol

      Hilarious – or two macaroons! I hated this, i was gasping in surprise when she was on the stage, it was so not how Charlize usually looks, to make such a big mis-step.

  11. mochababe73

    I am not liking this dress. It doesn’t even look well made. I’ve seen better garments on Project Runway.
    The color is pretty, but it looks like two mittens are grabbing her boobies.

  12. Kate

    How crushing!! Charlize and Dior are one of my favorite dream teams!! Why, oh WHY couldn’t she have worn the stunning runway version? the pink is so tacky. Devastating.

  13. Camille

    Charlize is a beautiful woman in an unfortunate dress. Her face was stunning, but the dress seemed a tad desperate. The whole two-tone look merely highlights the oversized rose pasties. Perhaps if all had been one color, the effect would have been better.

  14. whitestroke

    How so very MEH. Runway colors are way better, and the bow at the back, too. Even though I don’t even like the runway dress that much, but Charlize’s version is even WORSE.


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