2010 Oscars – Penelope Cruz In Donna Karan

Nice, Yet No Wow Factor Award
Penelope Cruz looked beautiful on the red carpet at the 2010 Oscars last night.

Her hair was pulled back as she glowed in her burgundy Donna Karan strapless gown.

I liked this gown, but I was missing the wow factor I was very much expecting from Penelope.

I really wanted that same excitement I felt from Zoe Saldana’s look. But this just gets a polite smile.

Her jewels were by Chopard.

Credit: Getty

28 thoughts on “2010 Oscars – Penelope Cruz In Donna Karan

  1. Shelli

    It looks to much like the gown worn by Keria Kightley to the oscars few years back…though this looks badly fitted and the jewerly boring…maybe just the pictures?

  2. sarahW

    It reminds me too much of Keira Knightley’s similar dress – was it to the 2008 oscars? But not as good.

  3. Watcher

    Yep, definitely a pretty dress and all, but so boring! This is a look we have seen on Penelope time and time again so now I’m not even bored anymore, I just don’t like it. At all.

  4. mol

    Yes, so so, but I always give Penelope a pass as, for me, she has the most incandescently beautiful face and expression, it lights up from inside and all my criticism just melts away!

  5. Pri

    Waiting to hear your comments about Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore, Kristen Stewart, Vera Farmiga…They had some pretty good looks!
    Though Zoe Saldana was by far the most stunning!

  6. vanessa

    omg FC you are the best i love your blog soo much i was soo excited about the oscars … have you seen rachel mcadams elie saab dress it is breathtaking!!!!
    im sure you’ll love it
    you must be so busy today just wondering if your gonna post it :D

    1. Vera

      Waiting for Kate Winslet and – BIGGEST SURPRISE OF THE NIGHT – Kristen Stewart.

      They looked well, didn’t they?

      And, FC, thank you once more for a great job!

      P.S. There were no Emily Blunt?

  7. carlos

    the duchess satin fabric does NOTHING for her. when will people learn that fabrics like duchess satin and taffeta almost always instantly cheapens the look?

    the fabric makes her look wide at the hips, and which woman wants that? for that alone, it’s a fail.

  8. pascha

    Why on earth would is she wearing a dress that makes her torso look like a rectangle?

    The left photo makes her look as though she has no waist when everyone knows she has the curves to pull off any fitted gown.

    I would’ve loved to have seen a bit of colour on her like yellow or purple instead of the same obligatory black. I’m not a fan of the rusted red on her either…

  9. nicky

    didnt love it…penelope played it safe. i was expecting something like the versace white column gown she wore which was spectacular

  10. Leo

    It looks a size or two too big for her. She looks lovely in this colour but the fit is all wrong.

  11. Mea

    I have always loved her and, I think, always will. The only times she disappointed me was that “black and mediterranean” period. But now, I think that she was beautiful in this gown. She had grace and pride at the same time, and a bit of that Spanish taste!

  12. mochababe73

    Different color would have worked better for me. Also the bodice should have been more fitted than it is now.

  13. Camille

    Boring! I’m so over Penelope Cruz in a big satiny/lacy ball gown. She wears the same variation on this theme at every awards show. I would love to see her in something sleek and modern for a change. This particular look was just so predictable and boring and didn’t seem to flatter her fantastic figure. Please Penelope, hire a new stylist and break out of your fashion rut!

  14. whitestroke

    How so very MEH Vol. 02. If someone gave me that dress I’d throw it in the trash.

    However, the dress is not making her torso something it’s not. Penelope really ‘has no waist’. Did people see pics of her in a bikini? That’s why these types of gowns are bad on her, they show her unflattering figure. She looked way better last year. Those kind of dresses give her more figure.


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