Before boarding my plane to Milan this morning I was shocked to see Lara Stone waiting alongside me.

She was talking to her companion about wanting to give up smoking, but won’t do so until after her wedding as she doesn’t want to be a grumpy bride. How cute.

On the plane I also saw the Editor of Elle UK, Lorraine Candy, and other editors who’s names I can’t remember then Anna Wintour boarded with Mario Testino.


Those who have been following me on twitter will know I bottled out of talking to Anna on several occasions during New York Fashion Week.

With Sydne telling me it’s fate and that I must talk to her I decided to ‘man up’ and make this the moment.

I took a deep breath and approached her in baggage claim.

I thanked her for featuring me in her magazine to which she smiled held out her hand and shook mine *OMG*

She thanked me for being a part of the feature and said it was a pleasure.

It was like meeting the Queen.

Hang on, she is the Queen of Fashion darrrrrliing.

She was wearing this beautiful navy blue Chanel Pre-Fall 2010 dress with a fur coat and she was carrying a grey suede Mulberry East West Bayswater bag.

Yes, even as I was quaking I still managed to spot what she was wearing.