Front Row @ Christian Siriano Fall 2010

Christian Siriano is always guaranteed to attract celebs to his presentations.

Amber Rose arrived wearing dress with that beautiful marine print from his Spring 2010 collection.

The dress has such bold shoulders that Amber shouldn’t have adopted this pose as it ruins the shape of the dress.

Her look was paired with same runway print heels.

Mena Suvari is a huge supporter of Christian Siriano, which is why I’m not surprised she wore a custom blue strapless dress from the designers Fall 2010 collection.

Credit: NYMag, Getty & Rex

11 thoughts on “Front Row @ Christian Siriano Fall 2010

  1. Jennifer

    Will you be featuring pictures of Christian’s show FC? I know you didn’t go, but I’m highly curious and have only caught a few pictures by poking around a little bit thus far.

    And you’re right, Amber’s stance is doing her NO favors.

        1. Jennifer

          Actually, that was the spring collection. I was curious about the fall collection, but no worries, it’s the weekend and I’m sure I can find it with two full days of my weekend.

          1. Fashion Critic Post author

            it’s on that same site if you search for it.

            in fact if you scrolled down you would have found it.

  2. Jennifer

    FC, you are my hero now and forever. Please chalk that up to a dumb blonde moment (even as a teacher I have them). Thanks!!! (By the way, how much longer are you in NY? I hope the snow and cold allow you to get back home in time!)

  3. MJ

    I suppose we’re going to see more of that hairstyle Mena is wearing. Ugh. It would go well with Kelly Osborne’s Wilma Flintstone look.

  4. Ksenia

    Wow- both Amber Rose (for once!) and Mena Suvari (as usual) look fabulous. Amber looks like a fashionista, not a Kanye West arm candy w-re and Mena looks kind of badass, especially with her hairdo and stunning earrings. I wouldn’t want to mess with her. She is daring!


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