Runway To Today Show – Sandra Bullock In Alberta Ferretti

The first thing I noticed when I looked at this picture of Sandra Bullock with Meredith Vieira on the “Today Show” was “WOW…how does she walk in those 6in pin heels?”

I’d be like Bambi on ice trying to look gracious walking in those heels.

The next thing I noticed was her beautiful Alberta Ferretti Resort 2010 dress.

The black and salmon dress is perfect for a day time show.

It’s simple yet not too boring, and sophisticated without being too formal.

Some of you are saying that you find Sandra’s look boring, but I think she’s come a long way.

I’m personally loving the new Sandra.

Credit: & Rex Features

33 thoughts on “Runway To Today Show – Sandra Bullock In Alberta Ferretti

  1. adrien

    I don’t think her choices are boring, but in my opinion she makes clothes look cheap… something about her…

  2. Jennifer

    She walks very, very carefully. Oh, and she looks pretty perfect from where I’m sitting. I think it’s great for daytime tv and not boring at all.

  3. Davor

    Ha, ha… She’s not walking. She is probably only on the TV screen in those heels. I am sure there’s her assistant behind the camera with some flip-flops in his hands… :)

  4. Marvel

    Im loving Sandra’s style as well as she always wears intresting outfits. At first when you said ‘The first thing I noticed when I looked at this picture of Sandra Bullock with Meredith Vieira on the “Today Show” was “WOW…how does she walk in those 6in pin heels?” ‘ I wasnt sure who you were talking about!

  5. Mariazinha

    I so don’t agree that she’s boring… She’s worn some crappy stuff in her life, that is true, but I just don’t think everyone has to be edgy; super interested in fashion or wear really out there clothes to look great. And lately I think that’s exactly what she’s been doing: looking great!! To each his own… There can only be so much Cate Blanchets, Chloes and Charlizes in the world.

  6. mol

    She looks gorgeous here – very womanly, sexy and fresh too…..have to admit, I would love to have seen her walk onto the set in those shoes, very brave!

        1. Mariazinha

          6 inches is about 15 cm, if that’s what you mean… I had to convert to be as shocked as everyone else. :) Congrats, Sandra!

  7. Kika rocha

    Love Sandra’s new look….Glam and lady like. The stylist behind this new image is doing a great job. It’s her time to shine.

    My dear Fashion Critic I follow you all the time! You are fabulous and would love to meet you one day. Hope you were able to make it to new York for Fashion week. I’m your #1 fan! @kikarochamoda

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      I’m leaving for New York tomorrow.

      Are you going to any shows?

      Contact me via the contacts page.

      1. Mario

        Omg, jealous :D
        I wish I could be in NY right now. But poor me is stuck in poor Macedonia where I’m dreaming about showing my collections at Fashion Week.. :D

      2. Kika rocha

        Will do! I’m going to a few since i have to cover the red carpet for Premios Lo Nuestro in Miami for Univision TV. I have a lovely gown by Gustavo Cadile who loves U 2!!!
        Have a safe flight!

  8. Bego

    the moment i saw the heels i was like wow how can she walk with those??… but I love the outfit, she looks great in that colour, i’m loving this look!

  9. P.

    Lately, Sandra is becoming one of my favorites red carpet celebrities to watch, and this time was no exception(although there is no red carpet). Sandra looks gorgeous and her dress is perfect for an interview. Those killer 6in pin heels are to die for!

  10. mochababe73

    Sandra Bullock has always been a miss on the red carpet. She has really stepped up her game. The dress looks great on her. And no, she’s not really walking in those shoes.

  11. Ksenia

    Salmon is surprisingly a great color on my dear Sandra. The heels-those sky scrappers- and how anyone can walk in those things is a mystery.


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