Carey Mulligan was honoured for her stand-out performance in “An Education” at the Virtuoso Awards at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this weekend.

I’ve felt very lukewarm to Carey’s red carpet choices lately, but this is more like it.

The Prada loving Brit actress looks beautiful wearing a pink beach print satin dress from Prada’s Spring 2010 collection with what appears to be a matching clutch.

The dress is quite obviously modified from the runway and in this case very much for the better.

I love her hair here. She doesn’t have many options with it, but on this occasion it looks lighter and like more attention has been paid to it.

Overall I’m lovin’ it.

With all this Carey/Prada love, could a campaign be on the horizon or could this simply be the equivalent of a Herrera/Zellweger collabo?

Either way I’m happy as it’s a perfect fit.

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