Best Dressed Of The Week – Keri Hilson In Dolce & Gabbana & Zoe Saldana In Giambattista Valli

Singer Keri Hilson was your Best Dressed this week.

Mostly because she looked stunning in her nude Dolce & Gabbana gown which she wore to the Grammy’s, but also because this is a huge improvement from her uncharacteristic fashion failures.

Zoe Saldana is on an unbelievable roll at the moment, which I pray never ends.

She looked stunning from head to toe in this Giambattista Valli ethnic print dress.

I loved the silhouette and her green heels which complemented her dress perfectly.

Credit: Wireimage & London Features

33 thoughts on “Best Dressed Of The Week – Keri Hilson In Dolce & Gabbana & Zoe Saldana In Giambattista Valli

  1. Rebecca

    I’m so happy Zoe got your vote. A year ago, I probably would have given this to Keri but I’m kinda over this dress now.

  2. Andrew Mackinnon

    Keri Hilson is stunning in that gown. her skin is glowing! Fashion critic, where has the previous page number thing gone at the bottom of the page? Love looking at old posts…

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      I have a developer working on the site as it was running so slow last wee.

      They had to pull a lot apart, but it will be back soon. :)

  3. Laura

    We are on the same page this week FC. I love how fan-freaking-tastic Zoe looked. And I like even more that she didn’t need one of those big award shows where there’s fashion police and such to look so gorgeous. Looking fashionably fierce runs in her veins.

  4. lucas

    Emily Blunt should have been best dressed since Keri Hilson was wearing a look from the Grammy’s, I still dont think it is fair to have looks from major red carpet events in BDOTW polls! I love Zoe though!!! ;)

  5. nina

    Zoe Saldana always oozes elegance and glamour, shes breathtakingly gorgeous and she knows how to dress, perfection in my opinion.

  6. Shoshanna

    Both of these looks are pretty boring. Gaga should’ve won for singlehandedly making the Grammys red carpet interesting.

    1. Katey

      Why do you think that Gaga should win??? Just because she’s interesting???

      The point that she’s intereting doesn’t mean that She is the best dressed of the week. The whole look matters at this poll and I think her yellow hair isn’t interesting, rather disgusting…

      1. Shoshanna

        And because I liked her outfit, too? Taking risks is an integral part of fashion. IMO, Zoe has never really wowed me. I personally don’t get it.

  7. elaine

    agree with your choice FC – Zoe looks outstanding.

    Keri looks stunning but offering us nothing new in this type of dress.

    I await both ladies choice for the oscars with eagar anticipation! :-)

  8. Thomas Monks

    Keri bored my the dress was not right for the grammys i would have loved to see her in something more edgy and out there because this dress is set for the golden globes. My vote was for Rihanna in that stunning Viktor & Rolf dress but Zoe was a close second. I agree with your pick FC seeing Keri looked like she was going to her Sweet 16

  9. Katey


    I voted for Zoe and I DID hope that You – FC will choose her for the Critic’s BDOTW…

    THANK YOU. Love this blog soo much.

  10. GGG

    Is it possible to compliment Keri Hilson’s beautiful Grammy look without bringing up here other faux pas? I voted for her, not for her improvement, but because she was the best, sheesh. I love this site, but hate it when it gets catty and mean….

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      With all due respect, as the editor of this site I will write what reflects the persons I’m writing about.

      The fact is she’s made a lot of terrible choices lately and this was one of her better ones.

      I don’t think it was “catty” it was a FACT.

      This site is not catty nor mean. I’m offended that you are suggesting that it is.

      I write about fashion, good or bad. Those that appreciate it come back, those who don’t, don’t.

      I don’t force this site on anyone.

  11. Kimmy

    Who is Zoe’s stylist? Or is she styling herself? She looks amazing ALL THE TIME. I hope it never stops. Such an eye candy on the red carpet.

        1. alyss

          Well, at least that’s what several people on tfs said. Usually it’s a fairly reliable source but I agree: It’s hard to believe. A lot of Zoe’s looks don’t have that Rachel Zoe-vibe. Plus Rachel never mentioned that she’s styling Zoe which is quite unusual for her. ;)
          So maybe it’s just some stupid rumor- don’t be shocked! :)

  12. P.

    Despite my vote went to Rihanna in Vikotr & Rolf, I admit Keri and Zoe look drop dead gorgeous. Actually, for Zoe it’s a redundancy, because she always looks great on red carpet!!!



  13. rosie

    I love Zoe’s shoes! And for the record, I specifically come on this site because it’s NOT catty AT ALL!!!

  14. H.

    I’m definitely glad that you chose Zoe as best dressed. that dress looks absolutely phenomenal on her and rather edgy (without being over the top)




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