Runway To 2010 Grammy Awards – Rihanna In Elie Saab Couture

Rihanna walked the red carpet at the 2010 Grammy Awards wearing a look made by favourite designer.

I wouldn’t have considered this Elie Saab Fall 2009 Couture gown for Grammy’s, but the RiRi’s hair takes his look in another direction.

The white high neck, open back gown has chiffon appliqué and feather detailing on the bodice and is gathered on the hips which added a lot of shape to her gown.

I’m sure – as with everything RiRi wears – this will create a love/hate divide.

I’m on the love side. What say you?

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48 thoughts on “Runway To 2010 Grammy Awards – Rihanna In Elie Saab Couture

  1. Laura

    I’m on the love side. My only issue with the look is the complete lack of neck that the dress gives Rihanna. But I think the white looks lovely.

  2. mm

    Love it! Shoulders gives it a masculine feel but the rest of the dress is very feminine, which suits Rihanna’s current look

  3. MEME

    I was definately suprised that Rihanna decided to go wit’ an Elie Saab piece…. to be honest…. his clothes do not fit into her “image”…. but I have seen her in Georges Chakra before……. but this dress…. combined wit’ Rihanna’s hairdo gives me Prince vibes….. and I would’ve edited the neck area………

  4. joshua

    Amazing ! love this hair , i she have the black hair this would be perfection ! that’s strange but this look totally work like tomorow with the victor and rolf dress .

  5. Kelly

    This is absolutely flawless. She hasn’t looked this good in ages. For once it seems like she isn’t trying to hard and shows off how gorgeous she truly is.

  6. justme

    I’m sure a lot of people will love it but that is definitely not Elie Saab’s greatest creations.
    The feathers and the hair gives me a strong bird vibe. Maybe she should’ve slicked her hair back, I don’t know.

  7. ally

    fashion critic-i always like to try and find out if the person is wearing the runway sample when you post runway to red carpet–do you think thats the case for riri? shes worn some runway samples before..

  8. Yaas

    I saw her on TV, the dress was so fab and feminine, and I can’t remember her shoes, but I think I liked them more than the runway’s. I’m totally on love side for the outfit, about her hair, I don’t know, it’s Rihanna anyway!

  9. Crazyfashionaddict

    I love it! It’s chic and simple , very elegant…O.T. Can I just say how obsessed I am with this damned site, It’s driving me crazy, my computer was acting up , and I was like… come on, come on, Then – when I didn’t see any of the looks from the carpet, I was saying to myself ,come on F.C, Come on….

  10. mol

    That pouf of hair on top along with the poufy collar – that distracts, and the shoulder and armholes don’t seem perfectly fitted – nice try though, not an overcooked look (as in the past), just not quite right for me.

  11. Alfredo

    I don’t like it on her, I just don’t associate Rhianna and Elie Saab. If The Neck part was a bit lower it would be better as well as a different hairstyle/color. I do love the shape of the skirt.

  12. Claire Kelly

    I don’t hate the look, but something is off.

    I’m not sure about the lower half of the gown. On the model it seems really light, probably because the model is in motion. Maybe a pencil length skirt would have been a better balance.

  13. DrmKpr

    i freaking loved the dress!!!!!!!!!! while i’m not entirely crazy about the draping on the hip ms. fenty worked out in this dress…. the white looked beautiful against her skin…. she stole the show and was my best dressed of the night…

  14. Elisa

    Normally I am not too keen on Rihanna’s choice, because I really feel that sometimes she tries so hard that it shows.
    But this time I am blown away – it is effortlessly chic, and somehow she doesn’t look overdressed, even though it is a big look to pull off at the Grammy’s.
    Well done, RiRi.

  15. Sol

    I’m loving that she is moving towards more softer and feminine approach of her usual edgy wear, it looks pretty and still interesting.
    Hair… ah, at this point I would rather see her bold, then with that monster.

  16. Annie

    Rihanna owned the night in this Elie Saab dress!!! She looked absolutely stunning!!! Rihanna’s make-up and eye lashes were flawless!!! I am getting goosebumps just looking at her; she’s just soooo beautifully, iconic, and statue-isk in this photo!!! Just gorgeous!!!

  17. Maddy

    After the Victor & Rolf ensamble, I expected everything, but this.
    Rihanna look, dare I say, classy on the red carpet. She almost reminds me of Mary J Blige. The upper part of the dress may be a little too much, but I can’t help but love this look!
    Bravo Rihanna!

  18. robbie

    LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE finally she seems to be ditching that terrible “edgy” style and going for a bit of a softer edgy.

  19. Jasmine

    Definitely the love side. Love the drape of the skirt on the hips particularly – conversely to some other commenters.

  20. nicky

    i think the dress itself is stunning on rihanna. but my goodness, please fix your hair rihanna! i really dont like tht look. otherwise, everything is good!

  21. Nikki

    I love the dress and it’s absolutely gorgeous, except for the neckline. I realize that turtlenecks or high necklines are unflattering and does nothing for anyone. I wish she had modified this a because, again, it looks like she’s drowning in her dress (especially because of the feathers).

  22. Shoshanna

    Elie Saab is actually one of my least favourite designers, but I actually like Rihanna here. Go figure.

  23. JJ

    Love it. Would have loved it more in someone with more curves, but she manages to wear it instead of the dress wearing her. I love your site FC. Keeps me up to date with the red carpet all the way from here.

  24. P.

    Does Rihanna inspire in Mary J. Blige’s hair ???

    ignoring the hair which I Ihate as usual, the look doesn’t wow me at all. [2]

    I hate this gown, actually!


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