Runway To 2010 Grammy Awards – Lea Michele In Romona Keveza

Lea Michele looked adorable as she walked the red carpet at her first Grammy Awards.

I’m so glad the “Glee” actress got the big gown out of the way earlier in this awards season, because since then her choices have been young and fun.

This Romona Keveza Spring 2010 dress is a perfect example of that.

I love the asymmetrical chiffon detail over the fitted bodice and the feathery-like skirt, but I don’t like heels.

So unimaginative for such a stunning dress.

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17 thoughts on “Runway To 2010 Grammy Awards – Lea Michele In Romona Keveza

  1. Leti

    I love this dress on her. It was so flattering, and really nipped in her waist! I don’t know if this is any excuse for the shoes, but on the red carpet she said that she didn’t plan on wearing this dress. She was going to wear a white dress, but opted not to when she realized that it was completely see-through.

  2. Laura

    I wish she had done something to her hair though.But she does look great…although it wasn’t her first choice.

  3. Laura

    I think a silver heel would’ve looked great and very Grammy-appropriate. But this dress does show that girlfriend’s got some serious legs on her. A great dress.

  4. Lucas

    I think this is the perfect choice for Lea I have loved her ever since I saw her in “Spring Awkening”. She has come so far and looks beautiful.

  5. nicky

    gorgeous gorgeous look! i love everything. i like how she doesnt try to standout which she shouldnt be as she’s not being nominated….she also looks tall which is good

  6. JJ

    beautiful dress on her!!! The hair and the shoes take some va va voom away from it; should have opted for styling from the runway version. But still, beautiful dress.

  7. FashionFinder

    Lea Michele’s Romona Keveza gown was without a doubt my favorite part about the Grammys. Romona Keveza pieces are always a favorite and this is no exception. She looks stunning! And this piece would flatter almost ANY body type… A+!!!!!!


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