Runway To 2010 Grammy Awards – Beyonce Knowles In Stéphane Rolland

Beyonce Knowles looked smokin’ hot at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Her body just doesn’t quit, and this Stéphane Rolland Fall 2009 gown hugs every curve like a bandage dress.

I love the ribbed patterned details, the zipper which reveals her cleavage, but I just can’t get on board with her hair and those gigantic earrings.

Her hair looks like she had silly string sprayed into it, and those earrings look way too heavy, but they do suit the Egyptian theme she may have been going for.

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36 thoughts on “Runway To 2010 Grammy Awards – Beyonce Knowles In Stéphane Rolland

  1. mm

    That dress was meant for her body. Love the dress on her. But agree earrings are so distracting. The hair color is too light also. The hair color didnt work well even on TV with this dress.

  2. Stina

    I don’t like how squished her girls look. I thought Egyptian too as soon as I saw the pattern on the dress.

    1. Bella via

      Its called hair glitz, and its a hot item right now and you can get it at our site.

      It is an easy tie in and can be curled, dried, died and everything and can stay in for months. We’re happy to see it hit the red carpet! see us at our site for it.

  3. Laura

    The first thing that caught my eyes when I look at the pictures was the HAIR! OMG!Whats with the colour and styling.I think she needs a new hairstylist. But the dress is gorgeous and she looks gorgeous too, well, minus the hair though.

  4. joshua

    Like you i ‘m not a bigfan of the haire and the earing to gold for the dress ! but the dress is amazing on her

  5. MEME

    I’m a little glad that she left the sequins home……… yet disappointed……… it was different…….. yet not interesting………

  6. 44

    Loved the detail of the dress…. not too keen on the style. Looks great on her though. Don’t like the hair, looks too wiggy

      1. 44

        I know it’s a lace wig. Meant that it looked too obvious… The part doesn’t look natural at all. She’s got an arsenal of wigs… this one doesn’t cut it, at least for me

  7. VBlover

    I liked Beyonce’s look until I got to the hair– it immediately made me think of the tinsel that people put on their christmas tree!!

  8. justme

    I don’t mind the earrings. They go with the egyptian theme like you said and Beyoncé has admitted that she’s always wearing big earrings cause they hide her big ears so I won’t knock her for that lol.
    Her hair looks bad though. Dark blonde or even brown suits her way better.

    She’s flawless from the neck down.

  9. Alfredo

    I kind of like it, if her hair and her dress color were darker it would be better,…. Yeah I think thats what would make a big difference.

    She looked great during her performance, she wore Atelier Versace!

  10. DrmKpr

    didn’t like it in the least…. the hair, the make-up, the whole look….. shocked that she did not do sequins but that might have been better…

  11. wilwarin

    love the dress but upper part, has kind of strange fitting her sholders look huge… besides that i really like beyonce in this dress.

  12. Maddy

    Too boring for Beyonce. She usually goes all out, but this look is way too tame and the cut around her upper body bothers me…

  13. robbie

    love the dress but she loses points for the tacky looking bette lynch/pat butcher earrings and the tinsel in the hair. she needs to mix it up a little its always the same style of dress on her *rolls eyes*

    1. Rosie

      Perhaps not the best proportion in the shoulder area, but she certainly does not look FAT! I’m appalled by your comment

  14. JJ

    Not sure, the dress makes her look bigger rather than compliment her beautiful curves. The hair and the earrings are a serious clash against the dress.

  15. zjl

    I’m in the minority on this one. Thought the dress was ALL WRONG for Beyonce. The color does not flatter her tone and the cut does not flatter her body. And the earrings don’t go with the dress. The wig does not go with her head. NOTHING GOES!!!

  16. J

    I don’t think this dress is right for her at all. I adore a woman with curves, but this dress is just not made for a body like that. I’m hating her hair more and more every day…


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