Runway To “Hilton Liverpool Launch Party” – Alex Curran In Balmain AGAIN

Some of you didn’t understand why I called Alex Curran a hypocrite for stating that she thinks Balmain prices are ridiculous, yet she spent approximately £27,000 on several pieces.

Well she took her hypocrisy to £33,000 last night when she attended the launch party of a new Hilton Hotel in Liverpool wearing a Balmain leather motorcyle jacket with the Balmain buckle-embellished suede boots.

This jacket cost £6,360.

Balmain have said, “‘Balmain has a very strict policy on celebrity dressing and only works with celebrities that correspond with the brand’s image. We have never worked with Mrs Curran so I assume she has purchased the samples”.”

So was not a loaned to her by Balmain, nor was she given it for free, she – or as someone rightly pointed out earlier this week, her £100k per week earning footballer husband Stevie G – paid for it.

My problem is not with her purchasing the jacket, it’s the ridiculous statement she made in Vogue prior to being seen head-to-toe in Balmain on several occasions.

With all that being said it’s an ace jacket.

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  • ~**juDee**~

    gosh….is balmain all shes ever going to wear. i think someone needs to get over themseeeeelves…..AND stop wearing so much make-up

  • Shoshanna

    I saw the dress at a different angle and she’s definitely wearing this dress:,0,7

  • robbie

    wow i thought that perhaps barbie made a balmain doll. what a frickin tart. she looks like she belongs on a street corner where all the other skanks are.

    love the balmain qoute lmao.

  • Lizzie

    Guilty! It was me who mentioned Steven was probably paying for it all! LOL!

    But what really impresses me FC is you got a quote from Balmain! Before I made that comment I remember someone else raised the possibility of Alex Curran having been loaned the pieces she wore and you said you doubted it. To now have it confirmed by them – it shows you have weight round here! :o)

    • Fashion Critic

      I wish. 🙂

  • shubby doo

    love the balmain quote… priceless diss! alex’s problem is she needs to be schooled on NOT opening her mouth and inadvertently sticking her OWN boot in it…

    she needs a stylist too… .many more times than not she looks a hot mess in balmain..*smdh*…at those prices balmain should never be a hit and miss affair.

    love the jacket… it’s fab!

  • shree

    Imagine, the time and labour spent designing, tweaking and creating your next season design to the point of perfection……………………and along comes Alex Confused Curran – ruining it in one foul swoop.

  • Shoshanna

    Does she still think she’s ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’? Fail.

  • Lee-Shay

    I know this won’t be published but what a stupid blonde bimbo…nice jacket though.

    • Fashion Critic

      I called your bluff.

    • lydia

      Or maybe she was loaned it by the people who sponsored the event – Cricket boutique in Liverpool?

  • Stuti

    I think the dress is a Balmain too. Don’t you think?
    And yikes, she cheapens the look. Love the jacket though!

    • Fashion Critic

      possibly…hard to tell from that angle

      • a

        how bout the shoes? sorry im very bad at shoes id

        • miwa

          The shoes are Balmain.

  • miwa

    I agree. And those boots are Balmain too! They’re hideous.

    • lydia

      I think she looks quite good in it. Only problem is though, Coleen was sporting next season’s Lanvin nude dress and hot off the catwalk kipper plait while Alex, Claudine Keane and others at the event were still wearing what was hot in 2009…

    • Rachael

      I think alex looks amzing so all ya jealous heads out…. She has a lovely figure, looks fab, is natural and the rest…… Whats not good about her..

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