2010 SAG Awards – Sophia Loren In Armani Privé & Sasha Alexander In Juan Carlos Obando

It’s A Fabulous Family Affair Award

Edoardo Ponti walked the red carpet with two stunning women either side of him – his mother Sophia Loren and his wife Sasha Alexander.

Sophia is graceful wearing a black Armani Privé Spring 2009 gown with stunning leather details.

I love her sparkling heels, but I couldn’t understand why in every picture she holding her train.

I was equally impressed with Sasha in her Juan Carlos Obando Spring 2010 twisted, pleated dresses in a rainbow of gorgeous muted tones.

I’ve been in love with this dress since it was presented, so I’m happy to see it finally on the red carpet.

Credit: Style.com & Wireimage

13 thoughts on “2010 SAG Awards – Sophia Loren In Armani Privé & Sasha Alexander In Juan Carlos Obando

  1. mandy

    The Juan Carlos Obando dress is stunning! Always a pleasent to see pieces with massive prints like this one or Alexander Mcqueen’s on the red carpet. Never easy but the risk was worth it! Am glad Sasha chosed a pair of humble pumps to let the dress speak for itself.

  2. lstp0136

    wow thank you for all the updates!! appreciate it!!
    four pages of update~~~ nothing makes me happier than that!!!

  3. robbie

    sophia i love it! one thing though are those glasses glued to her? she never seems to take them off.

    sasha, gorgeous dress but the shoes mehhh.

      1. robbie

        now that you mention it she does seem to wear choke necklaces quite alot. maybe she thinks they flatter her.

        1. Terry

          Yes, I think so. But the result is not flattering at all. It is as if her harmony of her figure from the waist up is cut by that choker.

        2. mari

          I recall that Sophia has a glasses line that she either owns or promote…
          About the train on the dress, Sophia is over 75! so, if she wants to grab the train, it probably makes her feel safer that way…

          She looks great and never her age!

      2. ZzaRaZza

        it seems like it’s the same choker in all recent photos. And it looks like it’s really choking her. Ouch.

  4. norma Lynch

    Sofia loks great, she is from Naples IItaly and thts where my Mother was born . Iam so proud of her.


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