Runway To “Supima Design Competition” – Coco Rocha In Victor de Souza

Due to many people *coughs*Tyra Banks*coughs* over using the word fierce, it’s lost its true meaning.

Coco Rocha is fierce is the true sense of the word.

It oozing from her every pore, especially in this Victor de Souza Spring 2010 ensemble which she wore to the “3rd Annual Supima Design Competition” this week.

Victor de Souza’s Spring 2010 collection consisted of sophisticated pieces with a futuristic edge.

This we can see from Coco’s peaked blazer and plastic corseted belt.

Not many could pull this look off, but Coco does with ease.

The belt kind of reminds me of the ones presented in Christian Dior Fall 2008 Couture collection don’t you think?

Coco is launching her own fashion line for Spring 2011.  I can’t wait to see what it consists of.

I can’t see her doing the girlie floral thing, and Erin Wasson’s done the grungy thing, so where does that leave Coco?

Credit: Victor de Souza’s Facebook & Wireimage

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  • nisha

    fierce is definately the one can do fierece like coco. coco is my favourite model and she always loks great and has great style.i am glad she pulled her hair back.i haven’t seen her on the red carpet for alongtime its nice to have her back.i agree with alfredo and mols i think she should be up for best dressed.

  • nicky

    she absolutely looks fierce and stunning! love how she dresses with such sophistication and style. she’s a great model

  • justme

    Leona Lewis, if you’re reading, this is how you do corseted belts.

    I love this look.

  • Lala/S-R


  • Alfredo

    Amazing! Definitely fierce! I say add her to the contenders for BDOTW.

    • mol


  • wilwarin

    i love coco and i love when she dresses fierce…

  • Andrew Mackinnon

    That belt does look exactly like the Dior couture one. Are you positive it isn’t? The Victor De Souza one looks like it has more layers….maybe it’s just the angle of the picture and I can’t see them.

    • Fashion Critic

      Yes I’m positive

    • robbie

      yup FC is definetaliy right if you look at the pic of coco, at her left side you can notice it has 2 layers.

  • MEME

    Okay just seen this and already obsessed wit’ it….. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it……..

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