Who Wore Victoria Beckham Collection Better? Blake Lively or Victoria Beckham

From your comments last week, I could tell that this was going to be a tough decision for all of us.

Blake Lively wore this Victoria Beckham peplum dress to the 2009 Angel Ball with Calypso heels back in October.

She looked stunning as she gave us her best ‘head slightly hilted to one side’ pose we’ve all come to recognise as her trademark.

Victoria was spotted leaving her hotel in Paris last week wearing the same dress.

She was without her trademark sunglasses, but of course she doesn’t step out without one of her many pairs of Trib Two heels.

Both women are rockin’ the hell out of this dress, and I’ve agonised over this for about 20 minutes now.

As much as I want to vote for Blake, Victoria totally owns this look – as she should.

This dress is available to purchase from Net-A-Porter.com.

Credit: Style.com, Net-A-Porter, Bauer Griffin & Wireimage

21 thoughts on “Who Wore Victoria Beckham Collection Better? Blake Lively or Victoria Beckham

  1. Maddy

    I prefer Blake’s shoes, so she gets my vote.
    Wow. Never though I’d ever vote against VB in VB Collection…

  2. The One

    I think this is one of the toughest, cuz both look stunning, i love Bkake’s shoes, but I know Victoria has the same shoes (she wore them to the Harpers Bazaar party, in probably one of her best looks recently), and i’m glad she didnt wear them, cuz they are mostly black, so I prefer her dove trib twos – and the hair do.

    So i voted Victoria!

    1. The One

      But Gaber, why would you hate this dress, its probably one of the best structured peplum dresses, and its so flattering – playful without being juvenile. I love it!

  3. justme

    Blake’s hair and shoes are way better so she wins this easily for me.
    Also I think the dress needs to be filled more. Otherwise, it’s just another VB dress.

  4. Jennifer

    Blake just looks so jaunty and as Snarky Sharky put it, lively in it (oh goodness, that could be a very bad pun with her last name). But Blake just has been phenomenal for me.

    FC, just for your consideration, for biggest Red Carpet comeback, I think it should be Blake, because she has made very few mistakes on the red carpet this year, unlike last year.

  5. Jazz

    Victoria is not posing – while Blake is posing ont he red carpet – so cant expect her to look livelier. she’s walking to her car….i think she looks divine!

  6. mol

    VB’s dress accentuates BL’s sexiness. On VB herself, the dress is merely one element in the overall chic cool standard she consistently adheres to. I could never pull either look off, but I appreciate each one for what it is. In the end, I simply can’t bring myself to chose one woman over the other!

    Unlike myself though, I cannot think that VB would be displeased to see Blake win this poll as she has been so dedicated in promoting her line, and Blake’s popularity is evidence that this persistence has paid off!!

  7. Laura

    I would love to see VB wear it on the red carpet. I’d like to see a pose off between her and Blake. A lot of what makes me love Blake’s look is how she works the heck out of it and has got the attitude. I think VB could pose in this well too, but I’d like to see it.

  8. Lisa

    I remember seeing Blake in this dress and saying “wow”… but when you put the 2 women side by side, Blake has nothing on Victoria. She makes Blake look boring. It’s all about styling and no one does it better than Victoria Beckham.

  9. JJ

    Blake wins for me simply because Victoria’s hair is a bit ugh…i loved the collection except it was just way too similar to Roland Mouret’s origami looks


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