Wore Wore Gucci Better? Evan Rachel Wood, Pixie Lott or Shakira

Evan Rachel Wood first wore this Gucci dress back in June to Hollywood Life’s 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards and I love what she’s done with it.

Bare legs, check. Red nails, check. Cinched in waist, check. Great accessories check. My only complaint would to be to say she could have picked a more exciting shoe.

When Pixie wore this dress to the Q Awards in October I wished she’d left her tights at home.

I’m also not completely sure what’s going on with the flowers in her hair?! However, this dress does really suit her rock chick vibe. I just wish she’s styled it better.

Shakira was last to wear this Gucci number in November to the Bambi Awards and it’s left me in two minds.

I think she wore it well, teaming it with simple accessories and knee high boots but I just don’t understand those tights! Am I missing the point or do they scream ‘ice skater’ to anyone else?!

For me, Evan Rachel Wood wins this style battle. She’s worn this sequined number with the boldness it deserves.

Credit: Style.com & Wireimage

11 thoughts on “Wore Wore Gucci Better? Evan Rachel Wood, Pixie Lott or Shakira

  1. Naomi

    Evan Rachel Wood’s belt made her torso seem so weird and bloated, and erased her waist completely. She had the worst silhouette of the three, IMO.

  2. Matt

    This has to be the first time I actually think they all wore it better, they all gave it different flavors that totally works, but if I was held at gun point and I had to choose, I’ll say Pixie Lott, she looks adorable.

  3. Ally

    I agree with everything you said, Sophie. I just wish that ERW would pull down the hem a little b/c the dress is bunching right above the belt (probably from shifting on the ride over) and making it not as flattering as it could be. But I like the way she styled it.

  4. Lindsay

    We are glad some people (like Naomi) mentioned the silhouette ruined on the ERWood outfit. She looks completely “Frumpy” up-top – very unbalanced. She has shapely legs, but totally lacks the sex appeal that the silky Pantyhose have. (Especially on men). Speaking of that- it seems (obvious) that the editor doing the write-ups here talks bad about any outfit that includes Pantyhose. (Unless that outfit is worn by the hot celeb. flavour of the week and is too obvious of course). And then getting the votes from *sheep* that just read how “horrible” 1 is and how “fantastic” the other is.

    I definitly think the ‘Pixie’ girl outfits (shiny black Tights) (really shows her shape, and shapely legs, the line is perfect) is our favorite here.
    Guessing that ERWood only went without ‘Nylons’ as 1. she wanted to show off her new tatoo. 2. she was following brittany spears at the time. or 3. she listened to too many editors like the one on this page saying, “oh – my – God… that is so wrong to wear anything on your legs, my mother wore Pantyhose a few times- and she’s like major old!!!”
    (you can hire kids right out of high school to work at your page, but you should hire ones that ‘know’ fashion and not just ‘follow’ it. )

    Shakira’s outfit is pretty well put together. The boots kind of add a cut into it- which prevents it from flowing. Not a disaster at all, but we just like “Pixie’s” choice a lot more. As for Shakira’s Sheer Pantyhose – we LOVE them! Hooray for gals with sexy legs in nylon. Our secret power over the boys (and my boyfriend!)

  5. Laura

    The belt on Evan throws the proportions of the dress way off. The top looks like one big uni-boob that I’m not liking.

    I don’t like Pixie’s hair or the tights. It looks too cutesy on her.

    Shakira wins, even though I wish she hadn’t worn those boots. It’s not as big of a mistake as the other two, so I voted for her.


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