Who Wore Chanel Better? Isabel Lucas or Anna Mouglalis

Isabel Lucas wore this Chanel number back in October to “Spike TV’s Scream 2009″.

I love her bare legs look and the way she has shed the runway cardi to reveal the fab embellishment on the dress. Top marks for the nude shoes too!

Anna Mouglalis wore the same dress in November to the “OTM dinner hosted by Babeth Dijan”.

I’m not a fan of the thick tights and really think that this dress works best without the cardi. With that said, I love the darks eyes.

For me, Isabel steals the show for keeping this look young and fresh.

Credit: Wireimages & Style.com

5 thoughts on “Who Wore Chanel Better? Isabel Lucas or Anna Mouglalis

  1. Gaber

    I am pretty sure that Karly is puking Diet Coke over how these two girls butchered the outfit.
    Even I feel my lunch coming up again.

    So, I am going with the model here.
    So good!

  2. Laura

    Isabel wins for me. Anna’s tights taint whatever this dress may look like without them. The black tights mute the gold, which I don’t like.

    I’m not liking Isabel’s hair or makeup, but it doesn’t distract from the look to the point where I can’t see the dress for what it is. So, she wins for me.


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