The theme for Versace’s Pre Fall 2010 collection is tight and bright and I love it.

All of these looks are fresh and sexy (well you’d have to be sexy to squeeze into pvc leggings) and the patterns scream “look at me”.

What I wouldn’t give for those two tone leggings (or the model’s legs!)

I love the body con mini dresses, for which Donatella looked to Japan for inspiration.

Speaking of dresses, the two structured bodice pieces with the flowing skirts are just amazing.

It’s such a beautiful contrast and the floaty skirts on these dresses give them a softer edge. It won’t be long before a celeb snaps one of these up. Who are you placing your bets on?

Everything in this collection is super slinky and it’s all about the silhouette. Even the more conservative pieces like the studded jeans or the leather coat take no prisoners when it comes to muffin tops or saddlebags.

So what do you think of these attention grabbing pieces?

You can view the full collection at