Runway To “Race” Broadway Opening Night – Kerry Washington In Marchesa

It’s colourful.

It’s pink.

It’s embellished.

It’s Marchesa.

It’s gorgeous…so of course I’m in love.

At the Broadway Opening Night for “Race” Kerry Washington wore a cute Marchesa Spring 2010 pink duchess satin draped cocktail dress with a stunning embroidered bodice.

I hope those of you who think she’s boring will finally at least like this look.

I would’ve loved to have seen this look with all her hair back, other than that she looks amazing.

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16 thoughts on “Runway To “Race” Broadway Opening Night – Kerry Washington In Marchesa

  1. YSLGirl

    She’s still boring to me because she chose Marchesa, which is always a safe option on the red carpet (except for Rihanna’s AMA look of course).

  2. ella

    WOW…….! she looks great, and i dont think she’s ever boring.she always delivers, and definately, this time too.

  3. FashionLover

    and she was boring too because she wore that oh so boring Louis Vuitton dress at the Met Gala…oh cmon she is anything but boring,She has excellent taste and I have not seen her stuck on one silhouette like ever…where is this boring thing coming from?

    I think the dress is gorg,but i agree the hair I am not a fan of!

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      I’m with you FashionLover. She’s far from boring. I don’t get why people think she is.

    2. YSLGirl

      She was at the MET Gala, of course she was going to choose something out of the ordinary.

      I take it back. I don’t think she’s boring, she’s just OK. I’ve never really taken much notice of her style. I did like that Fendi dress that she wore recently, though.

  4. amelia

    totally agree, she’s never boring, and she’s a long way from ever looking tacky, especially on this occasion… personally, I think she looks perfect :)

  5. mm

    Kerry is not boring. She always looks beautiful, feminine and sophisticated. I love her style. I love the color of this dress. I am not feeling the hair.

  6. Laura

    I like the structure of the look, and I like the shoes.

    I don’t like the hair and make up at all.

    I also don’t like the pink color. I don’t think that color works on a lot of people, and she definitely isn’t one of them. Royal blue would’ve given the look a more age-appropriate and flattering drama.

  7. Leelah

    She is hardly boring, I love this look on her – STUNNING.
    On a barbie blonde actress/model this would look tacky but it looks gorgeous on her.
    Hopefully a BDOTW contender

  8. SydneyCheapChic

    Ooo love this! the pink is beautiful on her skin! I’ve been a fan of her style for awhile now.. ever since that gorgeous yellow oscar de la renta dress


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