Heidi Montag loves an overzsized bag as we have seen her carry several on numerous occasions.

The strange thing is, each time she doesn’t appear to be carrying much inside the bag.

The colossal Hermès Haut à Courroies (HAC) is big enough for Heidi to actually fit inside. This bag is purely for show.

It looks even bigger than the large Hermes Birkin, we saw Katie Holmes toting around town last year.

Posing outside her New York Midtown hotel, Heidi showed off her the YSL ‘Y’ bag.

This surely had more street cred when Kate Moss was seen out and about with the ‘Y’ for company in October.

Last year Heidi and her sky blue Balenciaga ‘City’ bag were inseparable.

This year she has simply super-sized her hold-all and picked up two ‘Crocodile Weekender’ bags both in blue.

Careful now Heidi, we wouldn’t want one of those bags to swallow you up…

Credit: Bauer Griffin & Fame Pictures