InStyle UK’s cover girl for January 2010 is Pixie Lott.

Those of you outside the UK may not have heard of Pixie Lott.

She’s an 18 years old singer who’s as well known for her catchy tunes, as her love for  hot pants, messy hair, smoky eyes and lots of accessories.

We’re jealous that she always manages to wear those hot pants so well, without looking trashy.

In her editorial she wears the same Stella McCartney jumpsuit worn by Stella and Victoria Beckham, but there are no hot pants in sight.

In her interview she discusses her style, her reported crush on Russell Brand, and not having much to draw on when it comes to love songs.

On making it in the industry: “The X Factor’s great for people like Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke because they start with a massive fan base. But I think it’s better to work your way up. If you get somewhere, you feel like you’ve really done the hard work to get there.”

On personal style: “I’ve always been into fashion. My sister is exactly the same. We get it from our mum. She used to dress us in designer stuff when we were little.”

On Russell Brand: “When I was 16 or 17, I got on the bus at the airport and Russell Brand was on the other side. He walked over and said, ‘You’re pretty’ and I said, ‘Thanks’. That was all that happened. But I wouldn’t go out with him. He’s a bit too crazy. I don’t think my mum would approve.”

Credit: & InStyle