Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester appears on the December 2009 cover of Glamour UK.

The star gives off a 60s vibe on the cover – shot by Robert Erdmann – which sees her sport big hair plus an animal print coat.

The rest of her editorial is not particularly exciting as we see her wearing D&G and the same Matthew Williamson zigzag dress we saw on Kelly Brook recently.

In her interview she talks about how her past relationships have inspired her music, how she wishes her Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf would let loose and how she wasn’t born behind bars.

Here are some extracts from her interview.

On her work: “I’m proud of the work that I’ve done. I don’t care what people label me as. If they want to say I’m an actress, and I should never sing, that’s fine. If they know me for my music, because they don’t watch my show or my movies, that’s fine, too. I’m doing what I want with my life. I just do…me”.

On Blair Waldorf: “She could let loose a bit. She’s got every bow in the right spot and her headband is perfectly placed. She’s got tights to match her sweater to match her jacket to match her gloves to put on with her hat, and if she takes off the hat, she has the hairstylist right there to fix her hair”.

On make-up: “I actually think I’m prettier without make-up”.

After last week, we strongly agree that you are prettier without make-up.

Credit: community.livejournal.com