Katy Perry and Rihanna are good friends so when they realise they wore the same knitted H&M sweater dress a day apart, I’m sure they will have a good laugh about – especially as neither appear to be wearing make-up.

Katy Perry was spotted leaving Philippe Chow restaurant in LA this week, wearing her belted sweater dress with black knee-high boots.

The make-up free singer still manages to look gorgeous as she heads to her car.

Rihanna appeared to be a a foul mood when she left her Nobu in London last night.

What’s up RiRi? Did someone diss your fanny pack?

It maybe a Louis Vuitton fanny pack, but it’s still a fanny pack.

The singer who performed at the Brixton Academy this week wore her dress with workman type boots, sunglasses and a long gold chain.

I just can’t get over the fanny pack, so Katy wins this for me.

As much as I hate to admit, it looks like Katy, Rihanna and I share the same taste in fashion as I have this same dress in my closet.

I think I might wear it today – without a fanny pack.

Credit: Wenn