Who Wore Herve Leger Better? Miley Cyrus or Julia Stegner

This was a very rare moment when I actually liked what Miley Cyrus wore on the red carpet.

The cheeky singer/actress wowed the crowds on at the London premiere of “Hanna Montana: The Movie” wearing a dazzling Herve Leger Fall 2009 embellished dress paired with Sergio Rossi heels.

At the time we debated whether the dress was age appropriate, and 74% of you thought it was.

Model Julia Stegner wore the same mini dress on the red carpet this week at the “GQ Men Of The Year 2009″ held in Germany.

I much prefer Miley’s grey pumps to Julia’s black booties, so Miley surprisingly wins for me.

Credit: Style.com, Getty & Wireimage

7 thoughts on “Who Wore Herve Leger Better? Miley Cyrus or Julia Stegner

  1. Jules O'C

    wow – that was an odd decision
    I LOVE Julia – absolutely
    and I feel about Miley like almost every other reader of this blog
    but – I remember I liked her for a second when I first saw her walking the RC in this
    she looks so …. “nice”
    but in a good way
    so sorry J, but Miley wins this
    its younger and softer and more playful and woooo

  2. Nicola

    Natalia Vodianova killed it on the rachel zoe project with this herve leger dress…
    but out of these two, it’s killing me to say miley

    1. Maddy

      Exactly what I was thinking. When I saw Natalia in this dress, “I died”, but this is probably the best Miley has ever looked, so I have to vote for her over Julia.

  3. BeautyRoutine

    Have to agree w you.. Looks like Miley just might be listening to what people are saying. But the difference in a few months really makes a diff- miley’s pumps are perfect for spring, while the booties are winter-appropriate

  4. Kim

    Actually with this dress the boots don’t bother me- and with Julia’s killer long legs, she wins it for me.

  5. Sonia

    I think Miley looks better in the dress, and its also one of her red carpet choices that actually seems to be slightly more age-appropriate than the others. Plus, the pumps look better than the ankle boots and also IMO the way that it fits Miley, the lighting and the way that Miley is standing makes the dress look better on her.


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