2009 Emirates Melbourne Cup Day & 2009 AAMI Victoria Derby Day

2009 Emirates Melbourne Cup Day

Like Ascot in the UK the Melbourne Cup Day is more about hats and fashion than horse-racing – from a woman’s point of view of course.

Kate Waterhouse oozed sophistication wearing a Chloé bow-detailed asymmetric silk blouse, which she paired with a high waisted white skirt and nude heels.

Normally I really hate a necklace worn with an asymmetrical top, but I’m surprised that it doesn’t bother me here.

Her hat perfects this stunning look.

I believe Jennifer Hawkins is wearing a stunning head-piece, but unfortunately I can barely make it out from the artwork behind her.

Laura Dundovic was my second favourite going for a black and beige colour co-ordinated look.

Model Sophie Monk opted for a sexier leopard print look.

I guess models can write their own fashion rule books, but it doesn’t feel quite right at this event.

More stunning hats.

Sonia Kruger looks stunning, I’m so jealous of her toned legs.

I love the fuschia colour of her look and her hat which looks like something a chic air stewardess would wear in the 70s.

I didn’t like anything about Olivia Newton-John’s look.  I may have like it had she not gone overboard with the boots and the lace gloves.

Zara Phillips’ Thread Social dress is unflattering on her from every angle.

Her Philip Treacy hat is nice though.

Designer Leona Edmiston had some extra pieces of tulle left over from designing her hat, so she incorporated the left-overs into her dress.

2009 AAMI Victoria Derby Day

Lara Bingle made sure all eyes were on her by wearing a large head-piece.

I’m sure it was mission accomplished, but every one was no doubt looking at her because of her deep plunging LBD than her hat.

Those of us outside Australia still don’t really know Lara, but the model is set to skate to international fame with news she will head to London in March for the UK series of “Torvill and Dean: Skating on Ice”.

Megan Gale’s black and white dress is so chic it hurts.

Loves it.

Jennifer Hawkins’ bold shoulder dress was covered with a lace overlay to complement her square lace head piece.

Credit: Style.com & Wireimage

43 thoughts on “2009 Emirates Melbourne Cup Day & 2009 AAMI Victoria Derby Day

  1. lan

    yay thanks for posting all these FC!
    i love when racing season comes around because these girls always make an effort to look their best.

  2. Kim

    Most everyone looked good. I liked Kate, Jennifer, Laura and Lara. I also liked Megan and Jennifer H NOT their hats though.

  3. MN

    Hi FC,

    I was actually wondering if you would feature the Melbourne Cup on your site and I am so thrilled that you did as the actual horse race plays second fiddle to the fashion!!

    I am particularly thrilled that you put Kate Waterhouse on the site because as soon as I saw her picture in the Aussie papers this morning, I thought that she would be perfect for Red Carpet Fashion Awards as she looked outstanding in her Chloe blouse. In fact, Kate always looks fantastic at public events in Oz.

    So a big thankyou, FC!! You never disappoint! ;-)

  4. Louisa

    Thanks for featuring this event FC!

    My favourite looks were Kate Waterhouse, Sona Kruger then Jennifer Hawkins. Sophie Monk was really a disaster – and has been condemned as such by the Australian media as well.

    Racewear is supposed to be classic and elegant so nothing short, tight, plunging or animal print is advised. There may be some flexibility to break the rules a bit – but Sophie’s choice including ‘all of the above’ is shameful! Also to my mind she is not a model? She won Popstars in Australia, had a brief singing stint here then went to America to pursue an acting career.

    Thanks for the site FC! I check it everyday x

      1. Louisa

        Also just a heads up that tomorrow, October 5, is Oaks Day which is known as the ‘ladies’ day’ of the Spring Racing Carnival – women often save their best outfits for this day so fingers crossed for some more stunners!!

  5. Connie

    Thank you for posting this! i love the fashion at Melbourne Cup Carnival.

    in case you are wondering why Jennifer Hawkins looks so hot on Derby Day is because it was 30 Degress Celcius. take it from me, who was there… it was extremely HOT! though she was in the airconditioned Marquee.
    im upset that i did not get to see these ladies on the day… but i was hiding from the sun.

    thanks again FC… you’re so awesome! though im sure you know :)

  6. appleteeth

    Btw, Jennifer Hawkin’s first dress in Toni Maticevski, her second is Camilla and Marc, Lara Bingle is wearing Gucci, and Megan Gale is wearing (customised) Alex Perry!

        1. Flutterbang

          Jeez…shame on Cue! Sucks if they can’t think up something original and then still charge through the nose for it.

  7. Nicole

    Megan Gale killed it with the top hat and the traditional black and white for Derby Day…do you know the designer of her dress?

  8. Flutterbang

    Yay, I’m so glad you covered the races here in Australia as I was glued to the television trying to see them all myself.

    Just as a side note, Jennifer Hawkins wore Toni Maticevski to the Melbourne Cup, and Megan Gale on Derby Day wore a custom designed Alex Perry dress – wow, she looked stunning!

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      It’s always for me

      thanks for the dress id’s it helps me learn new – to me – designers.

  9. Lisa Villeneuve

    Ahhh thankyou for including the dresses from the Melbourne Cup. I love everything about Lara Bingle’s & Jennifer Hawkins style but i did think Lara showing such a plunging neckline for the races is a boo boo. A light tan shirt in any shape would of suited better. Love the dress though. Thanx from an Aussie xx

    1. sydneycheapchic

      Totally agree… I don’t think Lara Bingle’s dress was appropriate…

      I am loving Jen’s Toni Maticevski outfit.. but then again i always love Toni Maticevski designs.

      Also love Kate and Megan Gale… I’m surprised it’s Alex Perry.. it’s not corseted! (or maybe it is…??)

  10. Nick

    Thanks FC was so excited that you featured the races – haha yes we aussies are a lil sad :P

    For me Jen Hawkins and Kate Waterhouse and Megan Gale were the best from these featured .

    FC you should keep an eye out for Rebecca Twigley and Sonia Kruger as co-host on Dancing with Stars wears amazing gowns

    1. Nick

      her mum’s a champion horse trainer in Australia and Kate is her socialite daughter who works for Ch.9 in Aus

  11. piyusha

    Awesome coverage! The dress Lara’s wearing has been worn by Lara earlier this year at the launch of Swarovski store in Australia. But she wearing it in a better way here .

  12. Ally

    Awesome post, FC. I don’t know how you manage to pick up on events from around the world, but it is awesome :).

    I really like Megan Gale’s black/white dress. So cute!

    1. Fashion Critic Post author

      thanks Ally.

      On this occasion some Australian readers were kind enough to inform me of this event

  13. julia

    Thank you so much FC for featuring this event (you made me love your website even more!), I love that you cover not only events from the US and UK but from other countries too.
    Agree with all your comments, I think it’s the simplicity of Kate’s necklace that makes it work with the asymmetric top. She looks stunning, as usual, BDOTW contender in my eyes.
    Zara Phillips’ dress is by Thread Social, headpiece by Philip Treacy in case you were wondering..
    Thanks (from a very happy Aussie!) and keep up the good work


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