Rock the Kasbah Gala

Kristin Cavallari is too evil to wear this cute white dress. j/k

It’s actually a very cute look for her, and she doesn’t usually do cute.

I have compared the dress to the Miu Miu Spring 2008 dress, but I’m not sure if Kristin’s dress is modified or just a very good copy.  I’m leaning towards the latter.

What do you think?

Daisy Fuentes snuggled up to the man who used to be on posters all over my bedroom as a kid – Matt Goss from Bros.

Remember them?

The beautiful actress looked flawless in a peacock Tadashi Shoji halter gown with gathered waist, whilst he looked good in a 3 piece suit.

Lindsay Price was my favourite on this red carpet, as she dazzled in a strapless red Valentino gown.

Talk about owning a look.


I really like Lindsay Lohan’s LBD.

It’s the most put together she’s looked in a long while, but she looks like she just woke up.

Estelle is still on top form.

I’m loving her navy satin asymmetrical mini dress which she pairs with glittering sandals and a stack of bracelets.

I’m gonna miss Paula Abdul on American Idol. Her crazy responses were the only thing that kept me watching.

I was surprised by how great she looked at this event wearing a peachy Herve Leger gown, with a jeweled bodice.

Sharon Stone looks to be slipping down the scary slope of animal prints with her reptile print gown.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before she cracked.

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23 thoughts on “Rock the Kasbah Gala

  1. gapt

    a copy for sure! look at pictures of Daisy Lowe wearing the dress and it’s completly different. neckline is wrong and there is not grey stripe

    so many places brought out copys like topshop and asos… looks cute on her though :)

    1. Philippa

      I totally agree with everybody els, i think it’s a copy, as said before, the neckline is totally wrong.
      Lindsay Price, really looks amazing, can’t get over it.

  2. Hellwafashion

    Going 2 take a wild guess and most likely I’m wroing but is there a chance Kristin Cavallari is wearing topshop? They were doing some amazing copies a while back. If u think there’s a chance i’ll try & search for where a saw a pic of one similar before.

  3. mm

    Estelle wins for me for this event. Sharon did crack, horrible dress LOL!! Lindsay Lohan looks dazed and confused, her hair is styled better at this event!

  4. LovesShoes

    Even though rihanna is one of my least favourite celebrities, I can imagine how well she would rock that miu miu spring 2008 dress..

  5. andrea

    I wish Kristin wore the miu miu version of that dress- SO CUTE! Would love to see that dress on leighton meester

  6. mol

    Estelle wins by a country mile for me – Lindsay looks slightly better here than last week (her face not so much a dirty brown), perhaps a slow upward trend is taking place, dare we hope?

  7. Sally

    I saw the original in the Miu Miu store in Milan and it was nothing like Kristin’s. Her’s loses the cuteness. It looks long, cheap, flat and sad.

  8. AJoanna

    Yeah, Kristen’s dress looks like a copy, a decent copy, but still a copy.
    Lindsay looks … pitiful. She’s so young, but she looks so old and kind of miserable. I feel sorry for her. Classic example of Hollywood going wrong.
    Loving Lindsay Price’s look though. Way to rock a somewhat plain gown. On others this could be boring but she owns it.

  9. FashionLover

    I say Paula Abdul for BDOFTW contention!
    This is the best she has looked in a long long time,and i mean a long long time…and the only time i like the whole look!
    I know she wont win but she should be acknowledged! :)

  10. nina

    OMG..FC, you bring me back in my childhood!!
    Matt Goss!!He was in my bedroom also..thank you for this “cookie” ;))

    1. molly

      I think part of this is due to an incredibly unflattering makeup job. The red eyeshadow, light eyeliner look probably added 10-15 years. She does look awful and really old, though, I agree. But she hasn’t looked like this in other recent red carpet photos.

      1. Ally

        I think you are right. She needs to find a new makeup/hair stylist STAT!

        Paula looks great but I am not a fan of severe bangs, especially when they are in the person’s eyes.

        Lindsay Price is so cute and she is definitely glowing in that gown.


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