2009 Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style Awards Honoring Princess Grace Kelly Of Monaco

Camilla Belle looked stunning and elegant wearing a Marchesa Spring 2010 magnificent dress.

This kind of dress could’ve easily gone so wrong, but the embroidered white tulle cocktail dress with a feather hem and sleeves makes her look like an elegant swan rather than Big Bird.

Black strappy heels prevent this look from being too costumey.

This is second time in a row I haven’t been jumping up and down with exciting with what Demi Moore has worn on the red carpet.

On this occasion her asymmetrical Zac Posen Spring 2010 black dress looks better on the runway, to her halter neck version.

Angie Harmon pairs grey thigh-high Rodate Fall 2009 boots with a maroon wide neck Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2009 dress.

I like the pieces separately, but together it’s a bit of a disaster.

If this is Angie’s attempt at being edgy, I would say stick to being slightly predictable.

Gabrielle Union was my second favourite on this red carpet.

The beautiful actress wore an ivory plunging dress, with draped details on the hips.

Normally she faded into the background, but on this occasion she stands out.

Lisa Edelstein looked effortless chic wearing a black strapless Paule Ka gown adorned with a nude bow.

Debra Messing opted for a pile it high hair ‘do when she walked the red carpet wearing a black long sleeved dress with embellished cuffs.

For a Style event, I’m very much underwhelmed by most on this red carpet.

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  • bubble

    I love Lisa’s Paule Ka dress !!!!! so chic and glamour !

  • Raquel

    I think it’s the hair that let’s Demi down there. It covers the nice details of the gown and it is… boring.

  • Kim

    Debra messing looks like she could have just been going to church!

  • Sophie Peters

    CAMILLA Belle looks so beautiful! Much better than the Marchesa model I think x

  • mol

    I love Gabrielle Union’s dress – it looks so fluid and comfortable, yet also gorgeous. Love her makeup too. Grace Kelly was known for a kind of restrained, cool elegance so maybe that’s what everyone was going for (although who knows what Angie Harmon up to).

  • Marvel

    I never know what the big fuss is when it comes to Camilla Belle. Yes she looks great but I’m afraid it feels a tad too costumey and black shoes with a white dress???
    I like Lisa’s dress but a bit boring. Cant believe there isnt much colour on the red carpet.

    • Kim

      WHY do they ALWAYS do black shoes with a white dress. I mean yeah they were strappy this time but still black. DON’t.GET.IT! I don’t know how much longer I can take it! 🙂

  • Regina

    If there were a worst dressed poll, I’d definitely vote for Angie, but she was the only one who took a risk here. ZzZzZ…

  • YSLGirl

    Angie Harmon’s dress is Alexander McQueen. Awful outfit. I actually like the two pieces, but together is disastrous, not to mention both of the pieces aren’t flattering on her.

    • Fashion Critic


  • If I ever have to go to the red carpet I would choose the Marchesa dress!!!SPECTACULAR SPECTACULAR!!besitos

  • Victoria

    I really liked what Camilla is wearing here. I was pretty much unimpressed this week except for her and Anne Hathaway. Can we have Camilla on BDOTW too if there’s space? 😀

    • Fashion Critic

      Oh of course

      • Victoria

        Yay great! 😀 Thanks FC.

  • Stuti

    Where is the colour? No, Angie doesnt count.
    Seriously, what is it with the monochrome? Very perplexing.

    • Fashion Critic

      totally with you. Such a disappointing event.

      If it wasn’t for Camilla I wouldn’t have even featured it

  • Cheryl

    I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN, FC!! THIS IS AN EVENT HONOURING GRACE KELLY!! SHE WAS AN AWESOME STYLE ICON…STILL IS… This red carpet was very underwhelming…with the exception of Gabrielle and Camilla…

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