You may remember I saw Joan Collins at London Fashion Week and was stunned by how amazing beautiful and glamorous she is in real life.

Note I said stunned, not at all surprised.

I’m always shy to meet celebrities at Fashion Week, so I couldn’t even bring myself to speak to Joan in fear I would have been a incoherent shivering mess.

Not a good look.

Today at 9pm on ITV1 in the UK, we will get to see the the actress, style icon – this term can finally be used correctly – and Hollywood legend in action as she fronts her own TV show ‘Joan Does Glamour’.

She will meet three generations of the same family and attempt to convert them to her brand of elegance and style.

I have set my V+ as I daren’t miss what will undoubtedly be a master class in style, elegance and red carpet dressing.

In her promo for her program she said “I want to bring glamour back to Britain.” And I thank her for that.

I think I should send a copy those who are lacking in that department – Bai Ling, Phoebe Price immediately spring to mind.