Runway To “David Beckham’s Adidas Originals Launch Party” – Victoria Beckham In William Tempest

When Victoria Beckham was recently in London checking out hot new London designers at the Fashion Fringe Spring 2010 show it looks like she was taking notes, as she walked the red carpet wearing a black strapless dress by young designer William Tempest last night.

If you’re thinking the name sounds familiar, it’s because Emma Watson introduced the world to William Tempest when she wore one of his dresses to the The Tale Of Despereaux LA premiere last year.

This red carpet event was to launch David Beckham’s new Adidas clothing line, Beckham by J. Bond Collection.

Victoria stood proudly by his side looking very chic in her LBD paired with purple – non-Trib Two – Brian Atwood heels.

Hair, make-up, everything works for me here. Love it.

You can check out more of William Tempest’s work at Browns Fashion.

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Credit: William Tempest & Wireimage

25 thoughts on “Runway To “David Beckham’s Adidas Originals Launch Party” – Victoria Beckham In William Tempest

  1. Cheryl

    Woah. Great look! Very VB! I love that pop of colour on the shoes! Sighs…I need new shoes!! No Trib Toos? BETTER!

  2. M

    Love evrything on her. If I am not wrong, I think she is wearing Brian Atwood pumps. It’s about time she switches from Louboutins and Trib 2s to something different….. Loving every single detail on her. Missed this side of her soo much!!!

  3. Matt

    She looks amazing, she hasn’t look this good in a while everything is perfect and she doesn’t look extra skinny, looks like she had a little meat in her bone

  4. lee

    i LOVE everything about this… besides the shoes. i don’t know what i can’t get on board with – maybe the material? it just doesn’t flow with the rest of the outfit, in my opinion.

      1. The one

        so what if its part of her norm, if she loves structured dresses, then so what?

        Remind me here, isn’t the whole point of style being able to execute whatever vision you had in mind perfectly – dita von reese seems to only wear the same hemline, and its ok cuz thats her style, thats what she wants – no one slags you off when you rock your cheap yet hopefully chic outfits.
        Instead of criticizing people’s taste, i think we need to be looking more at their style & how they are put together, i dont know?

        1. sydneycheapchic

          I actually do think VB has amazing style, and I love her line…. although i do think she is most consistent when she does do this kind of silhouette. When she does the tight mini she just looks cheap. So I agree.. this kind of aesthetic is her style and she looks good in it (even better without the tandoori skin and some meat i think though) BUT it is boring.. like someone else said.. it’s pretty much a similar silhouette as the majority of her VB line. Nothing groundbreaking.

          Actually the most refreshing i’ve seen her lately was when she was out and about a few posts ago wearing a shift from her line.. still her line but a different silhuoette…

          Dita Von Teese does wear the same style quite a bit, BUT it’s never boring… at least not yet..

          So.. can I appreciate that she looks good in structured pencil dresses.. yes.. but can I still think it’s boring. YES!!!

          Also, being a BIG follower of this website.. it has never been shy from saying when something gets boring.. I’d like to think that we’re allowed to have an opinion here.

  5. Lala/S-R

    I use to anticipate VB’s arrival. Now she bores me. I love that she made the choice to wear purple pumps as opposed to black (her signature colour lately). Her most interesting decision in a long while. Don’t you agree?

    On a side note, I hope she’s healthy…

  6. Carmen

    She always looks the same… *yawn*
    This silhouette of this dress could be something out of her own collection, that we’ve seen her in a million times.

  7. TraT

    Oh… I really do miss back then, when VB’s always in new or underrated London designers, and this really got me to freshen up from all the Stella M, Balmain, Trib II, and of course, her own collection a little.


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