After the Antonio Berardi Spring 2010 presentation I went backstage to meet the designer.

He seemed very relaxed sipping on his Peroni beer as he was interviewed by several people before me.

In between interviews many people would give him a congratulatory hugs and kisses.

There were many kids backstage, who I guessed were family. These wide-eyed kids were totally in awe of Berardi, it was very touching to see.

Maybe he has inspired them to be designers of the future.

It’s obvious the type of woman Berardi designs for, but I wanted to hear him describe ‘her’ in his own words.

“She’s sexy and sensual and she’s feminine and at the same time she wears the pants.”

“I come from a Sicilian background and the women are ultra feminine, but at the same time they are strong. I like strong women, I like women who are in control. I like women with power and sense of humour and a sense of themselves.”

For this collection Berardi started off looking at underwear, and under dressing. He had an idea that if it was nude, it would be three dimensional as he wanted the pieces to feel exquisite, but at the same time he wanted the collection to still feel powerful.

As a result the tailoring is much stronger.

With regards to showing in London next season Berardi is unsure, as his return to London was very much a last minute decision and only possible with the help of Peroni.

Berardi gave thanks to the British Fashion Council for inviting him to show in London, the British press and celebrities wearing his clothes who he said, “let the world know I exist.”

With regards to Megan Fox wearing two of his pieces back to back he said, “I love her because she is the new Angelina. She’s hot, she’s strong and she’s sexy and I like that.”

Credit: & Wireimage